My TV-Watching Muscles Hurt!


"GMA": I don't tend to gear up for those summertime comic book movies, usually (waiting in line makes my TV-watching muscles hurt) but I may have to camp out for this "Avengers" movie, based on the interview I just saw with Captain America and Thor, where they somehow managed to stuff every one of those superhuman muscles on one couch. Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth? I could get saved by that sandwich. #humminahummina

"Ellen": Animal lovers Diane Keaton and Ellen bonded over their shared urge to pull over and rescue every stray puppy, kitty or coyote they see on the side of the road while driving around LA. Diane even keeps leashes and snacks in her ride at all times, just incase. Ladies, I applaud you and I wish everyone were more like you when it comes to animal welfare. Also, when you get a chance, I'd like my cat back. He was just out taking a walk. (Kidding. I have a Great Dane named Gert, and no one could rescue her off the side of the road, unless they'd called ahead to reserve a U-Haul.)

"Good Day New York": Guest Topher Grace flat out told Greg that he wanted to be a news anchor and was going to steal his job, and I think Topher was dead serious because Greg definitely looked nervous. Then Topher gazed upon the teleprompter and previewed the upcoming segment with Swizz Beats. And lets just say Greg's job is safe and Mr. Grace should probably just stick with being a famous actor, it pays better anyway!

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