The View”: Besides getting introduced to Whoopi's adult daughter Alex, when the cast of "Roots" reunited on set today, I found out that Ben Vereen has a Godson you may have heard of: Usher! And when asked if Usher got all his moves from Ben, he peered into the camera to beg "yes… and Usher, if you're watching this, I want 'em back!"

Ellen”: Wow, yet another visit from Sophia Grace and Rosie! I sure hope these two are getting a tutor for all those across-the-pond trips to LA from the UK. At least let them take off their tutus on the weekends!

Anderson Live”: After learning that pumpkin pie can be good be for your skin, some of my childhood memories of Thanksgiving are starting to make more sense! I remember seeing good ol' uncle Gary face down in a pumpkin pie on numerous occasions. I used to think it was because he had a few too many glasses of scotch, but now I know it's because he was worried about his complexion!

Wake Up with Al”: I've never given much thought to tumbleweeds and where they come from and where they're headed, because I don't really care! So I'd like to thank this show for forcing me to think about tumbleweeds for a few minutes of my life. Now I can go back to thinking about normal stuff like who's getting kicked off "The Bachelor" tonight, and tumbleweeds will never cross my mind again!

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