The New Trailer for TNT’s ‘Dallas’ Reboot Takes Itself Verrrry Seriously

The Set

That remake of "Dallas" is really happening, and coming to TNT next summer, and TNT has put out a trailer to prove it. A new generation has taken over South Fork, but Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy, and Linda Gray are still around from the original show.

In this self-important preview, that actually switches back between a movie trailer style ("One show changed television forever" - Movie Trailer Guy) to the cast sitting around the set talking about how absolutely life-changing the original "Dallas" was to every single human being on earth. If you're wondering, yes, they do address the fact that an oil ranch in Texas is just about the most irrelevant concept in 2011, if only to disagree with it.

We all have many months to make up our minds about whether to watch this show (and I am admittedly a harsh remake anti-fan), but one thing Linda Gray says here doesn't bode well for its relevance: "[The original 'Dallas'] was the first time people saw a functioning dysfunctional family." Awesome, Linda, but we can see that every night on every channel now. That's what TV is.

Possible irrelevance aside, the show does have at least one thing going for it: that epic intro music. It even made "The Office" seem positively grandiose.