A Topless Hoff is Pretty Much the Norm


"Bethenny": Of course Bethenny told Denis Leary he was a great boss, it's not like she could say he was mean and horrible! I've seen some of the characters this guy has played, I would not want to get on his bad side. And of course he returned the favor by saying her food was fantastic when we all know there's no way it could have been good, I mean she just can't be great at everything can she?

"Access Hollywood Live": David Hasselhoff was still putting his microphone on when he first appeared on camera. And while that would be considered unprofessional for most, it really didn't seem to bother anyone. Probably because his shirt was almost completely unbuttoned, and seeing The Hoff nearly topless is pretty much the norm!

"The View": They must have cut back on their catering budget, everyone sounded hungry today! Joy told Randy Jackson that he can't leave "American Idol", because he's the meat and potatoes of that show. Then Whoopi called him the bread that makes the sandwich. Can we get some craft services on set for these people? For his part, Randy held the food analogies, but said other people call him "The glue" that holds the show together. I dunno, sounds a little sticky, Dawg

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