Tony Hale Admits His Emmy Nod Is Hard to Digest [Exclusive Video]

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Tony Hale
Tony Hale attends The 33rd Annual College Television Awards held at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel on March 31, 2012 in Hollywood, California.

"The Yo Show" recently caught up with Tony Hale to chat about his Emmy-nominated "Veep" role, and the actor gave some new insight into his quirky character, Gary Walsh.

When Michael Yo asked the 42-year-old "Veep" star about his Emmy nod, Hale admitted, "It's hard to digest. I mean, I see my name on that list, and I still have to kind of take a second look, because it's humbling and overwhelming and exciting. My wife and I, when we found out the news, we just kind of stared at each other for six hours and screamed. And then I had to take a nap, because it was too exhausting."

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"That list" includes some pretty stiff competition. Hale is nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series — up against Adam Driver from "Girls," "Saturday Night Live's" Bill Hader, and nearly half the cast of "Modern Family." (Noticeably absent is last year's winner, Eric Stonestreet.)

Of course, there's no time for power naps for his overachieving character, who serves as the right-hand man to Julia Louis-Dreyfus's character, Vice President Selina Meyer.

The busy actor — who also reprised his role of Buster Bluth on "Arrested Development" this year — revealed that before he shot the "Veep" pilot, he shadowed a politician's assistant in Washington. But while his mentor did the job while in his 20s, Walsh is still doing it: "My character has stayed into his 40s because he doesn't know life outside of Selina. And he will never know life outside of Selina. Selina is everything to me." (Gee, we hope she runs for office again in 2016, or this guy's in serious trouble!)

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Then there's the subject of that ominous bag that his character lugs around: an oversized tote that houses everything VP Meyer could possibly need. ("And a lot of unmentionables," Hale added.)

"With Gary's bag, you know, he spent a lot of time — he probably sewed in a lot of pockets, and he's got certain pins," Hale mused. "There's one episode where she gave him a new bag, and that was traumatic, because then his world just shifted. That was a rough day, so he went home and spent a lot of time sewing those pockets."

By the way, just because his Emmy nom is "hard to digest" doesn't mean that Hale's not preparing for a win just in case. He recently told Entertainment Weekly that his Emmy prep includes updating his LinkedIn account (once he figures out what LinkedIn is, of course), browsing the Spanx tuxedo collection, and getting the all-important back wax.

The 65th Primetime Emmy Awards airs on Sunday, 9/22 at 8 PM ET/5 PM PT on CBS. "Veep" will return for Season 3 in 2014.

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