Tony DiNozzo's Music Video? Michael Weatherly Shows His Musical Side

Victoria Leigh Miller
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"Under the Sun" by Michael Weatherly Music Video
"Under the Sun" by Michael Weatherly Music Video Check out the music video for Michael Weatherly's newly-released single "Under the Sun," featured on the "NCIS" soundtrack "Benchmark." "NCIS" airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on CBS.

Ever thought you'd be talking about the musical stylings of Tony DiNozzo? OK, not exactly, but Michael Weatherly can carry a tune, and he's got the music video to prove it.

The "NCIS" star stopped by the "omg! Insider" newsroom to chat with Kevin Frazier and Thea Andrews about his single, "Under the Sun," which is featured on the "NCIS" soundtrack. (Yes, the show likes to put out soundtracks every once in a while.)

"We had the departure of Cote de Pablo from the show this year, and as it started coming together I thought it would be neat to make a song that maybe looked a little bit into, you know, change, and how we all deal with change in our lives," Michael said.

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Describing the video as "sort of an exploration of DiNozzo in an alternate dimension," he said his alter ego is "wandering around in a tuxedo and looking for something."

Like love? (More on that in a minute, but maybe!)

Michael's friend Julian West directed the clip, which the actor calls a "Soderberghian journey."

"It's an art house video," he said. "It's a little unusual, and I did feel silly lip-synching, because I'd be on the side of the street and people would be going 'DiNozzo'!"

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As for DiNozzo's first "NCIS" episode without Ziva (de Pablo), the plot centers around using social media to solve a murder. But who knew Twitter would be making its own news right as the episode is set to air?

"It's kind of funny because this was planned months ago, and suddenly I don't think we knew the IPO on Twitter was going to be happening when this took place," Michael said.

But he joked about putting Mark Harmon's character, Special Agent Gibbs, and technology in the same sentence. (Sample line from Gibbs: "What's a hashtag?")

"He makes the Amish look technologically advanced," Michael joked.

As for last week's farewell to DiNozzo's beloved Ziva, the actor called it a "very cathartic, moving episode," but it seems that his character is ready to move on. Sort of.

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"Well, love is always in the air," he said. "I think what we have discovered is that it was Tiva, and now it's McNozzo. Because McGee [Sean Murray] and DiNozzo have become very close. It's a platonic love, it's a brotherly love, but they solve crimes with that love. And as far as romance goes, it is definitely in the future [for DiNozzo], and we'll just have to see when it happens."

Stay tuned, but it might happen soon if he keeps croonin' those tunes.

See Weatherly on "omg! Insider":

"NCIS" airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on CBS.