Tom Hanks’ Bosom Buddy


GDNY”: While watching the show today I realized that when Tom Hanks was screaming for Wilson in "Cast Away" he may have meant his wife Rita Wilson! Okay, so maybe that's a bit of a stretch, but so is becoming best friends with a volleyball so get off my back!

Wendy Williams”: Why on earth would Wendy think it's okay to take a bite of beef jerky in the middle of a segment? Has she ever had beef jerky before? Does she know what a struggle it is just to take one bite? But I suppose she did it for the same reason we all eat beef jerky, because it's absolutely delicious!

Ellen”: Is it just me, or do "Friends" stars show up on “Ellen” to get their strange on? This week it was Matthew Perry, trying as hard as he could to make the audience groan with intentionally bad jokes; and a while back it was Courtney Cox, demonstrating to us how she once resorted to using her dog's fake grass patio pee pad! I can't wait until next month, when David Schwimmer tries to juggle chainsaws while Matt LeBlanc does the Macarena.

Live!”: In an interview that came out today, Kelly Ripa told the Hollywood Reporter that since Regis retired, she hasn't even seen him once. But is that so strange? He's retired! It'd kind of be weirder if he kept hanging out in his old dressing room, telling Michael Strahan what to wear. Reege would probably admit he hasn't watched much of the show lately either, but that's only because he can't find the remote.

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