Tom Brokaw Duet With Nikki Minaj


"Today": Looks like Madonna's excuse for why her daughter got caught with a cig went up in smoke! That's some fine interviewing, there, Harry Smith. In fact, Ted Koppel was on "Today" today, too... it's the old man anchors aweigh club! I can't wait until tomorrow, when they have Tom Brokaw duet with Nikki Minaj.

"GMA": You know it's a slow news day when the lead story is Jon Hamm's new beard. I kinda liked Grizzly Don Draper's new crumb catcher, myself, but I don't think all of his fans are gonna go for "Mad Men" who look like madmen...

"Wake Up With Al": Stephanie moving to New York to join Al in studio on a regular basis is a pretty big deal. So much so that they rolled out a new "WUWA" logo and graphics package to correspond with her move! And now that Steph and Al are together in person, he is acting even more like a 4th grader! That's probably annoying for her, but it's great for my show, so I'm all for it!

"Ellen": Sophia Grace and Rosie have become such a big deal to Ellen that she took a few minutes just to announce the date of their next visit! It must be nice. My own mom doesn't even remember that I'm coming home and is usually off playing bridge with her friends while I'm waiting at the airport for a ride! C'mon mom, can't you be more like Ellen? I promise I'll be more like Sophia Grace and Rosie in return!

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