Tivo Alert!!!


More rambling from "Primetime in No Time" host Frank Nicotero:

"Celebrity Wife Swap": Once again the networks were stretching the limits of the word when they called Niecy Nash and Tina Yothers 'celebrities,' but those two seem like they have very nice families.  I just can tell Tina Yothers has been out of Hollywood for a while, because she considered Northridge, California to be 'Hollywood.'  No offense against the city of Northridge (great college up there; go Matadors!), but calling Northridge 'Hollywood' is like saying the Jersey Shore is 'Wall Street.' Once again, stretching.

"The Biggest Loser": It's actually a good thing Joe added a little drama by deciding he was too homesick and bolting from the ranch, because the rest of this week's episode was about as exciting as watching ice melt.  (No, I'm serious... this week's challenge literally involved watching them dump buckets of water over blocks of ice until they melted and freed a prize token or something.) Sigh... next week: watch the calories melt away as the contestants watch paint dry!  Prime that wall! Feel the burn.

"Remodeled": Tivo Alert!!! This is actually not an attempt by me to try to get you to record this show on your DVR. It's actually a warning to make sure that you don't by accident!  God forbid you take up valuable drive space, or even worse, accidentally record it when you're trying to watch the "Justified" season premiere, and your potato-chip-greased-finger slips and accidentally plays "Remodeled" instead. I want to spare you from the five seconds of misery that would result from that tragic accident. You're welcome.

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