Tidbit of Tomfoolery


Today”: Attention all singletons! “Today” reported that Lit Brit Bridget Jones is coming back, in her first new book in over 13 years! But hey, is she still gonna have a diary? I mean you'd think someone would've told her about blogs by now.

Ellen”: Congratulations, Ellen, on celebrating your 1600th show! We like your style here at “DiNT”, and your work ethic. We're closing in on our 1,000th show later this year! But it'll still take me a while to crack 1,600, unless you count all those puppet shows I did in my back yard during grade school? Then we're probably closer to the 10,000 mark. Shout out to Socky and Argyle! I couldn't have done it without you guys...)

The Wendy Williams Show”: I've actually been to a Richard Simmons dance class, so I am well aware of how awesome he is! That's why I was so excited to see that he was on Wendy, and of course he didn't disappoint! What you saw on my show was just a tidbit of the tomfoolery displayed by Richard today, which is why I'm officially starting a campaign to get him his own show!

Wake Up with Al”: Call me crazy, but I feel like frozen jeans should be an actual product marketed and sold in stores! They can keep you cool on a hot day, they can help you stand up when you're getting tired and most importantly, then can come in array of styles from button fly to skinny to frost bitten!

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