Go With The Three-Name-Name


"Live! with Kelly": Kelly should take a tip from Neil Patrick Harris and go with the three-name-name. "Kelly Ann Ripa"... doesn't that sound more impressive? Y'know, like Kathie Lee Gifford, or Wendy "Crazy Person" Williams? In fact, I'm gonna try it too: "Nikki Oprah Boyer". Ooh, classy!

"Ellen": Hey, full props to the daredevil knife-juggler guy who tried to speed-read a speech from Hamlet while he tossed sharp things around! But when he lost his balance on the see-saw he was balancing on… the one that was on top of the 4-foot high table, that is… well, let's just say those spears got a little shaky, and he almost suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous talk show stunts! The poor guy just barely avoided Gertruding himself in the Polonius! (What? I went to school 'n stuff!)

"Access Hollywood Live": I really like Billy and Kit and all the other morning show hosts I watch every day. But I really don't understand why every single one of them had to talk about what they did over the Thanksgiving break, with some even showing pictures! Exotic vacations are one thing, but when all you did was hang with family and eat a bunch of food like the rest of us normal folk, then what's the big deal?!

"Wake Up With Al": After seeing the way Al reacted to the cheesy b-roll music, it makes me wonder if the sound man did that on purpose just to add a little something extra to the show. He probably thought to himself "well, we're half way through the show and nothing exciting is happening, so lets see if I can make Al dance!" And if that was the case, then someone needs to give that sound guy a raise!

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