So He Thinks He Can Sing: Meet Benji Schwimmer’s Band

Lyndsey Parker
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Most people know Benji Schwimmer as the winner of Season 2 of "So You Think You Can Dance" (he beat Travis Wall!) and the older brother of "Dancing With The Stars"/"SYTYCD" alum Lacey Schwimmer. But do you know he has a band, the Weekend Forecast? Well, thanks to a tweet from Nigel Lythgoe this week about the release of the Weekend Forecast's debut album, Sun, Doubt & Scenic Routes (available on iTunes now), now many "SYTYCD" fans are aware of Benji's other musical talents.

Benji and the Weekend Forecast have already made three music videos from SD&SR (including one with a wrestling theme and another creepy clip inspired by "Dexter"), all of which can be viewed on the band's YouTube channel. But I'm partial to "My Place," which boasts a totally Journey-esque piano intro and an overall emo-pop Jimmy Eat World vibe. But most excitingly, the "My Place" video features a whole lot of improvised dancing by the "SYTYCD" champ himself. See Benji bust a move to his own music in the video below:

So I think Benji can dance AND sing! Nigel should consider inviting the Weekend Forecast to perform on "So You Think You Can Dance" once Season 9 begins May 24th.

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