I Think They Needed Seat Fillers


"Today": Snooki without a tan? Wow, I thought it'd be a cloudy day on the Jersey Shore before we ever got a glimpse of that. Now orange you glad you clicked on "DiNT" today?

"Access Hollywood Live": Normally any guest host filling in for Billy is a downgrade, but today was a total upgrade, because I love Andy Cohen! He brings great energy to the show, and of course updates on all my favorite "Real Housewives" that I can't get anywhere else. But the real icing on the cake is hearing about the time he made out with Lance Bass! I guess you could say I'm N*Sync with Andy as a guest host!

"Wake Up with Al": Not many people can say things to Al Roker like "'The Weather Channel' is obsolete" and that Al was "more likable as a fat person." But that's what you get when you put a microphone in front of Howard Stern! Luckily, Al's a good sport and he laughed it off. Perhaps what's more offensive than what Howard said was seeing how hard Stephanie Abrams laughed at his comments. C'mon Steph, you gotta have your partner's back!

"Live! with Kelly": Jimmy Kimmel brought his entire extended family with him to hang out while he guest co-hosted with Kelly today. That was so nice of him! Also, I think they needed seat fillers.

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