I Think The Dog Had Fun, Too!


"Ellen": We got so caught up in Sophia Grace and Auto-tuned K.Bell that we forgot to talk about Channing Tatum and his fantastic Swayze-esque dog trick! Tates showed off home video where he gives his dog Lulu the command "Dirty Dancing", and Baby… err, I mean, Lulu... jumps into his arms so he can lift her like Jennifer Grey and give her a twirl around the room! Someone sure looked like they were having the time of their lives... and I think the dog had fun, too!

"Wendy Williams": I'm surprised Wendy's couch survived this show after welcoming both Hulk Hogan and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar at the same time, that's a whole lotta man right there! But I'm sure Hulk didn't mind being around somebody who towered over him since he's most likely the largest person in the room the majority of the time, plus having Kareem there was probably nice too!

"Today": So jealous! KLG and Hoda are in the Bahamas on a Thursday! I couldn't really tell why, but it made me want to take "Daytime in No Time" on the road! Seriously, I haven't left this fake living room in three years. Send help!

"Live! with Kelly": Ryan Reynolds called it a "relief" to no longer bear the burden of being "People's Sexiest Man Alive", and claimed that he handed his official sexy sash over to new SMA Bradley Cooper in a formal ceremony. Oh Ryan, always with the joking! There's no such thing as the Sexiest Man Alive sash... everyone knows it's a tiara!

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