‘So You Think You Can Dance’: Top 16 Recap


The big story from last week's "So You Think You Can Dance" wasn't so much about the dancing, or the two contestants who were eliminated. No, it was about the kissing. It all started with this season's power couple, Melanie and Marko, as they performed a routine about a jilted groom who realized the love of his life was actually beside him the whole time. And while we've seen that story play out in dozens of rom-coms, we couldn't help but squeal when we saw Marko fully commit to his role when he planted a big one on his partner's lips. We're pretty sure the judges fell for it, too — but more on that below. Before the Top 14 dancers reveal what's in store this week, here's a look at some of the highlights from the Top 16.

Melanie and Marko

Once again, power couple Melanie and Marko won accolades from the judges for their story of best friends falling in love. Nigel had big words for the pair, calling them the "couple to beat" at this stage in the competition. But the dancers' connection wasn't the big story here. It was the love fest taking place at the judges' table. Responding to the big smooch that Marko placed on Melanie's lips, first Nigel planted one on Mary (much to Cat Deeley's horror), then guest judge Kristin Chenoweth gave a big ol' kiss to Lil' C before Nigel came over to give Lil' C yet another kiss. (Big props to Marko for trying to get a kiss from Cat, too, at the end of it all!)

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Caitlynn and Mitchell

OK, so maybe America didn't respond to Caitlynn and Mitchell's sexy samba this week -- they ended up in the bottom three this week, after all -- but perhaps they're just not responding to the ballroom in this contemporary-heavy season. As Cat said, though, "Even Beyoncé would have been proud of those two. You were bootylicious!" Ballroom expert Mary Murphy called the routine spectacular, calling out Caitlynn's leg and foot action as well as Mitchell's strength. As for Kristin, all she could say was "shut the front door" (several times, in fact).

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Jordan and Tadd

Was it the best dance of the night? Absolutely not. But it was a fun opportunity to see the normally sexy dancer Jordan squirm at the concept behind their storyline, which was centered around two college kids waking up in bed together. (Jordan pointed out that she sleeps with pillow pets, not strangers.) Her facial expressions matched the "OMG, how did I end up here?" moment perfectly, even though her dance moves may not have been as crisp as some of us -- including Lil' C -- would have liked. No matter, though: We forgot all about it when her partner, Tadd, took off his shirt. With that, we knew this duo was safe from elimination.

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