'The Vampire Diaries' Shipper-cap: You Killed My Mother, Prepare to Die

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Elena and Damon

Are love and hate flip sides of the coin? Both involve a great deal of passion. For Elena, her initial dislike of Damon was always heated; that heat eventually sparked into romance. But they should beware — they've seen how quickly love can turn into hate like in Ketzia/Tessa's case.

Let's check in on all the relationship statuses from this week's episode:

Status: Still strong, but trouble is brewing

Elena is sort of avoiding Damon, though she's invited him to Whitmore's historical society costume ball. She's feeling a lot of guilt about shacking up with Damon all summer while Bonnie was dead. So, Damon comes up with a cuckoo plan — give Silas the cure, turn him back into a witch, and make him trade places with Bonnie! Of course, it doesn't go quite as planned, but Damon is one determined boyfriend. He lures Katherine back to the Salvatore mansion and feeds her to Silas. But while it's in the name of giving Elena what she wants (Bonnie), Elena looks genuinely horrified.

Silas and Ketzia

Status: Immortal enemies

So, what does Silas get out of his deal with Damon? He wants Stefan dead. No, not staked — just a broken neck, so that the link between them is severed. He wants to use his mind control on Ketzia and find out the location of the "mystical anchor" which keeps the Other Side going. Believing Silas to be Stefan, Ketzia falls under his control and reveals that she needs her magical pendant, conveniently stored at the historical society, to do a locator spell. But just as she's about to do it, Stefan strolls in and Ketzia realizes who Silas is. Majorly angered, she plunges her hand into his chest and stops his heart so he becomes a stiff, grey corpse again.

Stefan and Ketzia

Status: Kinda friends

Stefan is at the ball, too, dressed as James Dean (meaning, he's basically just wearing his usual outfit). Ketzia is there, too, and she makes a beeline for him right away. Guess she really does have a type. Later, Stefan meets up with Damon, who breaks his neck a couple times to buy Silas some time. Baby bro does not like this, at all, and after his second "death," surprises Damon and breaks his neck in return. The "bring back Bonnie" plan is in disarray.

Caroline and Tyler

Status: Broken up

Caroline is just glowing — Tyler is back and all is right with the world. And they're going at it like rabbits. She's already organized his whole life, from his major to his room. But Tyler seems … hesitant. Hmm. He escorts her to the costume ball (how cute are they as Bonnie and Clyde), and at the end, Tyler admits that he doesn't want to do this college thing. Caroline is OK with that, as long as they're together. But what Tyler really wants is to go after Klaus for killing his mother. "Love me more than you hate him," Caroline pleads later as he's packing up. If Tyler walks away from her this time, they're done.

He walks away. Caroline breaks down into tears.

Bonnie and Jeremy

Status: Still yearning

Bonnie is not happy when Jeremy lies to Damon and says she's OK with the plan, because she isn't on board. Magic has a price, she warns Jeremy. But maybe that price is worth it. "What's worse than this?" he asks — not being able to touch her, hold her, be with her.

Elena and Aaron

Status: Getting to know each other

At the memorial for her roommate Megan, Elena meets the mysterious Aaron and later questions him at the ball about what he knows. He didn't kill Megan, but everyone around him dies — including his whole family. Sounds a lot like Elena. Later, Elena dances with Dr. Maxfield, who coldly informs her he knows Megan was killed by a vampire and that Elena herself is one. He warns her to pack up and go back to Mystic Falls. It turns out Dr. Maxfield is Aaron's guardian and controls his trust. Just who is Elena's new friend?

Katherine and Nadia

Status: Connected by blood

Kat and Nadia are still on the run. Nadia reveals she became a vampire just so she could track Katherine's movements throughout the centuries. Why? Because Katherine killed Nadia's mother, apparently, in Paris in 1645. At a diner, Katherine sees an opportunity and seizes it — a piece of wood that she plunges into Nadia's chest. But instead of running as far as she can, Katherine confronts Nadia in the alley. That Paris story was bogus, so what's Nadia's real deal? Turns out Katherine did kill her mother, because Nadia's mother is … Katherine! And in perhaps the most vulnerable moment we've ever seen from Katherine, she says she searched high and low for her daughter in Bulgaria. Awww!

Later, Katherine gets a call from Damon to meet her at the Salvatore mansion. There, she's happy to see Silas's corpse — she's safe! But her glee soon turns to horror when Katherine realizes that Damon intends to feed her to Silas! He rips open her neck and pushes her onto Silas, who feeds off her. Katherine collapses. She's dead!

But wait, no, she's not dead! Damon hears a heartbeat, and Katherine wakes up. "Am I in hell?" she wonders. No, but how the hell is she still alive?

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