'The Vampire Diaries' Shipper-cap: Can Elena and Damon Survive 'True Lies'?

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Long-distance relationships are hard. On top of not being able to physically be together, there's potential for communication problems, misunderstandings, and distractions.

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In this week's "Vampire Diaries" episode titled "True Lies," Elena and Damon's fairly new, still-fragile love is tested. First, there's the elephant that will always be in the room — her relationship with Stefan. Add to that Damon's former bad-boy ways and Elena's tendency to jump to conclusions. Top that with evil immortal Silas getting into people's heads, and you've got the recipe for a breakup.

But Delena proves stronger than that, and they survive their first trial. Here's an update on all the relationships of "The Vampire Diaries":

Elena and Damon

Status: Tested but stronger than ever

The LDR-ers face their first major bump in the road when Silas shows up at Whitmore College and gets in Elena's head. Posing as Stefan, he gets her riled up at Damon so he can get info on the whereabouts of Jeremy (and Katherine). Then he works his immortal magic on her so that when Elena gets angry, she'll try to kill Damon! You know, totally normal couple stuff.

When Damon himself shows up to campus, Elena seduces him — then forces the "protein water" (vervain) down his throat. Just as she's about to stake him, though, Damon pushes her to think about her "pit in the stomach" feelings about Stefan. That calms her down and leads to a new mission: finding Stefan. Having dreams about the ex is a little awkward, Damon jokes. "I love you," Elena assures him, and still will even after they find Stefan. First big relationship issue? Piece of bloody cake.

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Elena and Stefan

Status: Psychically connected

Stefan's still having hallucinations about cuddling with Elena, while she admits to having some kind of soul-level connection with her first love. And while she's definitely and completely with Damon, Elena feels a burning need to make sure Stefan is OK. The effort to dredge the quarry comes up empty-handed, but Sheriff Forbes finds that locked safe nearby in the woods. But when Damon and Elena open it, a random dead human with vampire bite marks is inside. So Stefan got out — and he's hungry. Has Stefan gone Ripper again?

Bonnie and Jeremy

Status: Still separated by death

Bonnie is in a lot of pain. She witnessed Silas murdering her father, and nobody can comfort her. Even Jeremy can only see her — he can't give her a big hug. Interestingly, it's Matt who ends up being there for her. After Silas kills him, ring-wearing Matt goes to the Other Side, where he finds Bonnie — and realizes she's dead. They hug and she cries on his shoulder. As they search for his body so Matt can return to the living world, he pleads with her to accept her death. But since he won't remember a thing, Bonnie shrugs it off. Later, Jeremy once again reaches out to her. "I'm here for you. No matter what you need," he says. Bonnie just drifts into the woods.

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Matt and Katherine

Status: Circling

With Rebekah out of the picture, we can maybe see this developing into ... something. After all, Kat is the very picture of Elena — Matt's first girlfriend. Right now, they pretty much loathe each other, but things change! Kat's on the run from Silas, but Jeremy and Matt catch up to her and grudgingly promise to protect her. After getting in Elena's mind, Silas catches up to them. First, he disposes of Matt, then takes on Jeremy. Of course, the young hunter is stronger and tougher than he once was. Still, Silas is a billion years old and formidable, even without vampire powers. They fight, and Silas starts to get the upper hand when a shot rings out. Katherine's learned to use a gun! (Uh-oh.) They're safe ... for now.

Silas and Nadia

Status: Just met

Well, well, well … looks like the new girl in town gets around. When Silas tries to get in Matt's head, he discovers someone's already in there — Nadia and her friend, whom he calls "Travelers." Later, after he's defeated, Silas runs into them at a gas station. When the friend threatens to gut Silas, Nadia turns the knife around on him. Seems this mysterious chick has her own agenda. Silas likes.

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Caroline and Jesse

Status: Flirting

Care is in a major boyfriend funk. Tyler deferred college and is gallivanting with werewolves in the backwoods. And something weird is going on at Whitmore, with roommate Megan's mysterious death. Caroline and Elena discover a link to Professor Max Whitfield, who humiliates them in his class. That hot party guy from last week, Jesse, tells Caroline that Whitfield is rumored to be part of some "secret society." Hmm, nefarious. Anyway, Jesse really likes to party, as he invites both ladies to a bonfire bash. There, he gets conked in the head by an over-protective Damon, so Caroline has to tend to Jesse's wounds. They bond over their broken hearts, and we smell a potential new relationship in the works!

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