'The Vampire Diaries' Shipper-cap: Is Elena Jealous Over Stefan?

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Nina Dobrev as Katherine and Paul Wesley as Silas in "The Vampire Diaries"
Nina Dobrev as Katherine and Paul Wesley as Silas in "The Vampire Diaries"

Ding dong, the witch is … probably not dead.

Let's face it — the characters of "The Vampire Diaries" are hard to kill. Last week, when Silas drained Katherine of her blood, we thought she was a goner. Instead, she's still alive (though not well).

This week, Silas learns the shocking truth about that mystical anchor that's keeping the Other Side going — the anchor is his one true love, Amara! Indeed, Tessa never killed her; in fact, she wanted to make the anchor something that Silas would never destroy!

Silas revives his amour, but the poor thing isn't quite right in the head. And she, like Silas, really wants to die, so she drains him of his blood!

Somehow, though, like Katherine, we don't think Silas is dead. Yet. These doppelgangers aren't so easy to get rid of. And now there are three versions of Elena running around in the world!

Time for updates on all the show's couples:

Elena and Damon

Status: Going strong … for now

A cozy, snuggly existence is never going to be the status quo for this couple. When Silas approaches them with a plan to bring back Bonnie, take down the Other Side, and kill himself, of course they have to agree. Alas, Silas doesn't want his one true love's doppelganger around, so the pair splits up. Damon, Jeremy, and Silas all trek to New Jersey to look for the anchor. But when Elena's life is threatened later (see below), Damon is forced to choose her over reviving Bonnie. What a good boyfriend! But what makes him a great boyfriend is when he traps the newly-human Amara. They have to keep her alive until they find a way to save Bonnie.

Elena and Stefan

Status: Some lingering feelings?

While the boys go to Jersey, Elena gets a provoking call from Tessa, who implies that she and Stefan hooked up. This greatly concerns Elena, and she rushes over to Tessa's cabin to … what, protect him? That's her story, but it seems a little thin. What she doesn't realize is that Silas put a spell on the cabin to prevent anyone from leaving. So now, she's trapped there with Stef and Tessa and has to watch her ex flirt with the witch. But while Stefan may not remember his feelings for her, something still remains and as soon as the spell lifts, he stabs Tessa and runs off with Elena. But their truce doesn't last long, since Tessa tracks him down and gives Stefan all his (very painful, heartbroken) memories back!

Bonnie and Jeremy

Status: Still separated by death

Poor Bonnie — she's really starting to get her hopes up about rejoining Jeremy in the land of the living. Their interactions are so tender and sweet. Unfortunately, Silas's plan is disrupted by Tessa's shenanigans, and Bonnie makes Jeremy agree to let it go. Still, he isn't going to give up. And now that they're holding Amara, they'll just have to find another way to bring Bonnie back.

Caroline and Katherine

Status: Wary roomies

Kat is like a cockroach (albeit, a gorgeous one) — she just cannot die. She is truly a survivor. But what's this? A streak of gray in her hair? Katherine is horrified and becomes desperate for somewhere to live now that she's been cast out of the Salvatore mansion. She tries to dupe Caroline, who quickly sees through her act. But Kat has a proposal: She'll help with Dr. Maxfield if she can stay (and use Elena's meal card). The two work on draining Maxfield of his vervained blood, then Katherine poses as her doppelganger at a secret society party. There, she runs into Aaron and tries to flirt with him until one of her teeth falls out! Ew. Dr. Maxfield reveals that he covered up Megan's death because she was killed by the "Augustine Vampire." Hmmm. Later, Kat returns Maxfield's stolen notes because she wants him to help figure out why she's dying!

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