'The Vampire Diaries' Shipper-cap: Can Caroline Help Jesse Become a Good Vampire?

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Kendrick Sampson as Jesse and Candice Accola as Caroline in 'The Vampire Diaries' Season 5 episode, 'Dead Man on Campus.'
Kendrick Sampson as Jesse and Candice Accola as Caroline in 'The Vampire Diaries' Season 5 episode, 'Dead Man on Campus.'

Caroline Forbes is a machine of perky energy, can-do attitude, and high moral standards. There’s no project she won’t undertake — and complete.

So when she discovers Jesse has become a vampire, she sets out to make him in her image: a good vampire, one who doesn’t drain people of blood.

The problem is that this project is doomed to fail. Dr. Maxfield’s experiments turned Jesse into a vampire who doesn’t need to feed on human blood — he needs to feed on vampire blood. And that makes him dangerous to all of them. When he attacks Damon, Elena feels she has no recourse other than to stake him.

RIP, Jesse. And just when his relationship with Caroline was heating up! Can the girl not catch a break in the romance department?

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Check out this week’s status updates on all the couples of “The Vampire Diaries”:

Caroline and Jesse

Status: Dunzo

Jesse wakes up, disoriented, strapped down in Dr. Maxfield’s lab. He manages to escape, but unfortunately feeds on his roommate Aaron. Luckily, Caroline comes to the rescue and undertakes the task of teaching Jesse how to be a (good) vampire. Later, at Bonnie’s welcome party, as the two dance, Jesse wants to kiss her, but last time he did… well, Caroline freaked. So this time, she grabs his face and kisses him!

But this wakens up something inside Jesse; apparently, Maxfield’s experiments made him want to feed on other vamps! Jesse flees to confront the bad doctor, and ends up attacking Damon. After Elena stakes Jesse, Caroline tearfully cradles his body. Poor Caroline can’t seem to hold on to her guys.

Damon and Elena

Status: In love, but now separated

Not a lot of action between these two lovebirds this week, since they’re on different missions. Elena is trying to befriend Aaron at the party, while Damon is dispatched to torture info out of Dr. Maxfield. Elena bonds (again) with Aaron over their dead parents and learns that his died of bites to the neck… hmmm.

Nina Dobrev as Elena and Shaun Sipos as Aaron in 'The Vampire Diaries' Season 5 episode, 'Dead Man on Campus.'
Nina Dobrev as Elena and Shaun Sipos as Aaron in 'The Vampire Diaries' Season 5 episode, 'Dead Man on Campus.'

Meanwhile, after injecting him with deadly diseases, Damon gets some answers: Maxfield is trying to create a new kind of vampire that isn’t harmful to humans. When Jesse shows up, Damon is not pleased to learn that his advanced age apparently doesn’t make him stronger, but luckily his girlfriend comes to the rescue.

Later, Damon finds a numbered blood bag in the lab and recalls his own number! “Wait, you were an Augustine vampire?” Maxfield asks. WTF?! Damon experiences memory flashes; yes, half a century ago, he was, but he thought that their group was shut down years ago. Nope — and Maxfield makes a run for his panic button, which rains down vervain. Damon wakes up in a cell, with his own initials etched into the wall! And Elena has no idea where he is.

Bonnie and Jeremy

Status: “Registering for classes”

Now that Bonnie is back in the land of the living, Jeremy can touch her, which means… boom chicka bow bow! But Bonnie still has to deal with the pesky problem of being an anchor, which means any time a supernatural dies, they have to pass through her. And it is painful, very painful.

When the two are tearing each other’s clothes off, about to have sex, Bonnie sees Jesse in the room. Oh no! Jesse grabs her and Bonnie screams in pain. Finally, she has to confess to Jeremy the price of her return. “This is worth it,” she says. Guess Jeremy’s got skills!

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Katherine and Stefan

Status: Bonding

Katherine is in self-destruct mode — she’s aging and drinking a lot of whiskey to unfeel her feelings about that. Meanwhile, Stefan is still experience terrifying visions of his time locked up in the underwater safe. She diagnoses it as PTSD, having suffered it herself. And for once, instead of being selfish, Kat actually helps Stefan get through it.

But instead of taking her own advice, she decides to end her life and writes Stefan a pretty touching suicide note. She jumps off the clock tower… only to be caught by Stefan! Why? “You’re Katherine Pierce. Suck it up,” Stefan tells her. Could these two actually be friends (or more) again?

Nadia, Matt, and Gregor

Status: Partially over

Matt finally comes clean to someone else (Katherine) about being possessed, and she knows exactly what to do about it. She rounds up her daughter Nadia and Stefan, while Matt brings the knife. Nadia calls out the passenger in Matt’s body, Gregor, who reveals that his mission is to kill Katherine!

Why? That’s just what the Travelers want. And just how does Kat know so much about Travelers? Turns out her daddy was one. Katherine plunges the knife in Matt/Gregor’s body, assuring them that it will only kill Gregor. Nadia stares daggers at her mom since that was her boyfriend in there!

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