'The Vampire Diaries' Shipper-cap: Are Bonnie and Jeremy Finally Reunited?

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Steven R. McQueen and Kat Graham in "The Vampire Diaries"
Steven R. McQueen and Kat Graham in "The Vampire Diaries"

Love hurts. It hurts bad.

That's what Silas, Amara, and Tessa learn. And what Bonnie discovers, even when she gets what she wants — to return to the land of the living.

Finally, the Mystic Falls gang manages to find a way for Bonnie to come back from the Other Side, but it's at a heavy price. Now, as the new anchor, she straddles both worlds, but she'll feel the pain of every supernatural being's death. Ouch. And while she and Jeremy can finally be together, is it worth all that hurt? Is love really enough? Time will tell.

Check out this week's update on all the couples of "The Vampire Diaries":

Elena and Damon

Status: Holding steady

We have to give these two credit: They've faced some big obstacles, but they've faced them together. Damon is hell-bent on holding Silas to his promise to bring Bonnie back, but when Silas reneges, he frantically searches for a way to give Elena what she wants. What a great boyfriend! Elena and Damon end up making a deal with Tessa, who needs the blood of all three doppelgangers to power an anchor-switching spell. (How funny to see Elena, Katherine, and Amara together in one place.) But the whole "doppelgangers are destined to be together" still seems to cast a shadow over them, especially now that Stefan has his memories back.

Elena and Stefan

Status: Kind of friends

When Stefan wakes up the morning after Tessa returned his memories, he finds Elena waiting there. "I miss you," she says, without realizing she's twisting a knife in his heart. He informs her of what happened, and she can tell Stefan is feeling tortured by his time spent drowning in that box. She feels incredibly guilty about spending a carefree, sexy summer with Damon, while he was in so much pain. Stefan believes killing Silas will help ease his PTSD, but even after that is accomplished, he can't get over it. "I wanted it to be you," he tells Elena, of the first person he saw when the box was opened. And then to his brother, he adds, "I wanted it to be both of you." Oh, what a mess.

Bonnie and Jeremy

Status: Reunited

After Silas reneges on his promise, Bonnie is prepared to say goodbye. So is Jeremy, who wants to tell her three things — that she'll always be there, that he's grateful she gave up her life for his, and … well, she asks him to hold off on the third thing, so that she can look forward to a "next time." The plan looks dicey for awhile, when Tessa's spell is interrupted by Silas, but eventually it goes through. Jeremy is able to touch Bonnie and she can hug her friends in return. He tells the third thing — that he loves her. She loves him, too. But later, Bonnie sees a now-dead Tessa, who's passing through to the Other Side. Tessa wickedly warns her that now that she's the anchor, Bonnie will feel the death of every supernatural creature. And it will hurt like a mofo.


Status: Dead

Silas wants to die. Amara wants to die. Silas wants Amara to die first, so that the Other Side is destroyed and they can be reunited forever in the Great Beyond. But Tessa does not want that, at all, which is why she makes the deal to transfer the anchor power from Amara to Bonnie. Silas does his witchy best to prevent it, but Stefan buys time by kidnapping Amara. Tortured by his memories inside the box, Stefan kills Silas. Unfortunately, he disappears and Amara then kills herself with the same knife before Damon can get to her. It jeopardizes Tessa's spell, but Amara stays alive just long enough for it to work. Tessa's triumph is complete, since Amara is in the Great Beyond, but Silas is on the Other Side. Then, Tessa commits suicide to join her former lover. "True love prevails. Universe be damned," Tessa cackles.

Katherine and Nadia

Status: Estranged

Remember when Katherine seemed like she could be a better person after meeting her long-lost daughter? Yeah, that's not happening. All Kat cares about right now is reversing the aging process that's taking place. When Tessa requires doppelganger blood for her spell, she tries to make a deal for Tessa to "fix it," but of course the crazy witch reneges. After all, altering someone's life span started this whole mess in the first place. When Nadia asks Katherine to come back to Prague with her, Kat refuses. "You're never going to see me again," she says. It's kind out of a warped sense of love, in a way. Katherine doesn't want her daughter to be around when she grows old and dies. So, maybe Kat has a smidgen of decency in her.

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