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The Ultimate Crazy Wall of TV Crazy Walls

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Crazy walls have become an almost essential backdrop when elements of mystery are introduced to a TV show. As audiences try to figure out whodunnit with context clues, the characters onscreen tend to get a bit more visual with it: Corkboards and whiteboards; newspaper clippings, photos, and files; and lots and lots of intertwined lines trying to pinpoint patterns.

FX's Fargo is the latest show to focus in on a wall of crazy string-connected clues to catch a killer. In fact, Molly (Allison Tolman) has two walls going now — a permanent one at home, and a more mobile whiteboard version at the station, great for the detective on the go. When we stepped back and realized that Fargo had so many random connections to other shows that have gone full crazy wall, we started mapping out those common denominators. And then it grew. And then it got (appropriately) crazy. 

Behold, our crazy wall of TV crazy walls! We connected all the TV shows that have prominently featured crazy walls — by shared actors or storylines, casting directors or music supervisors, and more — on one corkboard of insanity, push pins and standard issue red string included.

Now if you're looking at this thinking "Holy hell!"... we know. We're with you. But while inspecting the photos from each show, it became clear to us: These crazy walls only ever succeed in driving people more crazy. So follow the push pin "hubs," rack your brain for more random ties, and get lost in the insanity.

Click on the infographic below to launch a larger image:

Fargo airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on FX.