'The Originals' Battle-cap: Can Vamps, Witches, and Werewolves Join Forces to Take Out Team Marcel?

Valerie David
Fall TV

In the universe of "The Originals," all the different supernatural factions tend to have their own agendas as they struggle for power. In the episode "House of the Rising Son," however, it looks as if Marcel and his vampires have become the team everyone wants to beat. In the spirit of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend," some former foes are joining forces to take out the current king and win back control of New Orleans.

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Team Werewolf

In a competition for dominance, Hayley seemed to have drawn the short straw. Werewolves are banned in the French Quarter, so she's essentially housebound. Elijah, her self-professed protector, has vanished. Rebekah shows up to tell her that Klaus will probably kill her the moment she gives birth to "whatever is cooking in your tum."

Hayley buys a little wolfsbane to get rid of the baby herself but can't go through with it. The herbalist rats her out to Marcel, and soon she's surrounded by three thirsty vampires. Can a girl's day get any worse?

Team Originals

Rebekah goes on a rampage, certain that her "narcissistic, backstabbing wanker" of a brother has done something to Elijah. She searches the house, which was the governor's mansion in 1820, back when Klaus — as usual — killed one of her lovers. And, oh yeah, she also had a thing for her brother's protégé Marcel, which resulted in Klaus's jealously staking her for around 50 years. Ah, brotherly love.

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Rebekah discovers that Klaus turned the currently staked Elijah over to Marcel as a way to gain his trust. He's also compelled a few spies of his own, including human bartender Cami, whom Marcel has a serious crush on. But Klaus is annoyed that his master plan of taking back New Orleans now includes cleaning up a trail of vampire bodies that Rebekah has left in her wake.

His reckless sis pays a useful visit to her former flame, however, and meets Marcel's secret weapon. It's not often you can scare an Original, but when 'Bekah is prevented from unstaking Lij and is knocked unconscious and tossed out a window by Davina the teenage witch, she's thoroughly intimidated.

Team Witches

Rebekah asks the question we've all been thinking since the premiere of "The Originals": Why don't the witches just leave town? Sophie lets us know it's because their skill lies in "ancestral magic." If they stray from that cemetery of impressive witch lineage, they essentially become powerless. Sophie wants the witches to reclaim their home, but a chat with Rebekah makes her realize that Klaus's centurylong bond with Marcel might not have made him the best candidate to take her enemy down.

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Team Human

Talk about the bottom of the food chain. Most are walking blood banks for Marcel's crew. Cami studies psychology by day and gets romanced and compelled by evil vampires at night. And nearly choked to death by 'Bekah, though at least she won't remember it in the morning.

Combined Forces

Rebekah helps Hayley fend off her vampire assassins, and the two form a girl-power bond that leads Hayley to hand her new BFF the two remaining magical daggers that Klaus hid in the basement. Rebekah then gets Klaus to admit that he does care about his unborn child, and Klaus gets Hayley to admit the same. The three finally decide to try that whole family thing and to do "whatever it takes" to get brother Elijah back home where he belongs. 

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Winner: Team Marcel

This former-slave son of a 19th-century governor seems to hold all the best cards at the moment. He's got complete control of the city, taking everything from the Original Mikaelson family and making it his own. He's got loyal followers and does whatever the hell he wants. The only difficulty he has is a pesky little Klaus problem, but he's hoping that his scary witch helper can use Elijah as a guinea pig to figure out a way to kill an Original.

"The Originals" airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.