'The Originals' Battle-cap: Klaus Breaks Team Marcel Apart From the Inside

Valerie David
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In "The Originals" episode "Tangled Up in Blue," Klaus promises Hayley that there will be a "war" with Marcel. He and Rebekah put together a solid battle plan, once again drawing in humans and witches as expendable help. At the end of the episode, there's been a shift in the balance of power, but also a lot of collateral damage.

Team Originals: The Setup

Let the plotting begin. With a little blood and vervain draining action, Klaus now has two vamps on his team that he can compel. He also works on planting a seed of doubt in Marcel's mind, blaming Rebekah's recent murders on a possible witch uprising.

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Meanwhile, his sister is tracking down the shop owner who ratted out Hayley to Marcel. Her special brand of persuasive violence gets the traitorous witch Katie to admit that she's playing Juliet to a vampire Romeo: Marcel's right-hand man Thierry. Klaus is thrilled, for now his plan can include getting rid of the guy who's always warning his boss to be suspicious of the Originals.

Team Originals: The Execution

Marcel holds a charity gala to keep up appearances and connections with the locals, and it provides the perfect distraction. Rebekah invites Cami to the costume ball, certain that the pretty blonde in the angel costume will help throw the smitten Marcel off balance.

Klaus uses his vampire minions to attack Katie when Thierry is with her. Those vampire-heightened protective instincts kick in, and before you can say, "Klaus is an evil bastard," Thierry has broken Marcel's commandment of "Thou shalt not kill a fellow vampire." With the help of a little more planted evidence of betrayal, Thierry gets sentenced by Marcel to "100 years in the garden." That garden is actually a graveyard of vampires, buried and bricked in and left to slowly starve over the centuries.

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Team Witches

Rebekah sweet-talks Sophie into throwing Katie under the bus for the sake of the cause. The witch persuades Katie to go on a rampage to save her true love, so all that vengeful magic can distract the perceptive Davina while Sophie sneaks past a locator spell to find Elijah. Unfortunately, Klaus snaps Katie's neck before she can kill Marcel and before the locator spell has worked.

Sophie's put herself in danger for nothing, but she's more frustrated that her fellow witches are armchair critics. Some have been working their own angle, though. Witch Sabine used a little crystal ritual to discover something scary about Hayley's unborn hybrid, but we don't know what that is yet.

Team Marcel

This week, the New Orleans empire is a bit shaky. Marcel's got 10 nightwalkers dead or missing and two Originals creeping around, and his people are starting to get nervous and question his leadership. Then his right-hand man deceives him, which causes him to lose his temper and scare off the only normal presence in his life, the charmingly supernatural-free Cami.

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He's thankful to Klaus for saving his life and decides to repay that kindness by giving Elijah back. The only problem is, the darling Davina won't give him up until she's found a way to kill an Original. The normally confident Marcel is shaken by her refusal, and he knows enough to be scared that he might not be the boss in this arrangement anymore.

Winner: Team Klaus

Sure, he's also on Team Original, but Klaus has always put his own needs first. According to that diary of Elijah's that Hayley's been reading, Klaus has been this way since 1359, so he's not likely to change soon. He feels especially justified in his actions this week, as so much has gone his way. He's earned Marcel's supreme trust, removed a large impediment to reclaiming his empire, and now has plans to acquire Davina and her immense power for himself.

As a sublime bonus, Klaus thinks he's getting Elijah back for Rebekah. He's still jealous of his brother, however, wondering why even Hayley would feel so devoted to Elijah when she barely knew him. "He was kind to me," she says, which is like a dagger to his cruel, volatile heart. She follows it up with a more soothing thought, however, which causes Klaus to unleash a rare, genuine smile: "I think it's a girl."

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