'The Good Wife' Star Archie Panjabi Raves About the Show's 'Reboot'

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"The Good Wife" Season 5 so far can be summed with just six letters: O-M-G-W-T-F.

And just when we didn't think our eyes could get any bigger, our jaws couldn't get any lower, our hearts couldn't beat any faster — well, then we watched this Sunday night's game-changing episode, "Hitting the Fan."

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No spoilers here! All we'll say is: Wow. Star Archie Panjabi, who plays Kalinda, told Yahoo TV that there's a "reboot quality" to this season.

"When you're in Season 5, you definitely need to change," she said while chatting with us on the phone.

Kalinda has some very key scenes in Sunday's episode — ones that may surprise some viewers. Her fans will just be happy that the enigmatic investigator is returning to the spotlight and involved in a more central storyline after the failed introduction of her husband last season.

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"I was amazed to see how much that character was loved," Panjabi said of the negative feedback that the husband story got. "And even now, you often hear about how little she's in. So, it was quite flattering in a way even though the storyline didn't go down."

Panjabi is hopeful that Kalinda will be brought to the fore a bit more as the season progresses.

"We'll start to learn a little more about why she's like that. I think that they attempted to do that with the husband, but it was too much too soon," she explained. "Now, [the writers] know that with this character, they have to be careful because everything this character does, whether it gets a good reaction or bad reaction — it's very provocative."

Panjabi was in Chicago (where "The Good Wife" is set) Thursday to help Rotary International promote awareness on World Polio Day. It's a cause close to her heart.

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"We're close to ending this disease and if we do, it'd only be the second disease we've gotten rid of on the planet," she noted. "When I looked it up, I realized it's the same disease that certain children suffered from in India when I was a child where I grew up. So, there was an immediate connection once I realized what polio actually is."

"Even though we're one percent away, we've got a massive battle ahead."

Stay tuned after Sunday's episode for more from Panjabi and co-showrunner Robert King about the episode!

Watch a preview of "Hitting the Fan":

"The Good Wife" airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on CBS.