'The Following': Tiffany Boone Spills Some Red Juice About What's Next for Mandy

Breanne L. Heldman
Yahoo TV

Forget Ryan Hardy! Mandy Lang may be the key to Joe Carroll's undoing on "The Following."

As the daughter-like figure that Carroll (James Purefoy) picked up after faking his own death, young Mandy (Tiffany Boone) may be the one to help bring down the big bad in the end. After all, she's bringing out a paternal warm underbelly in Joe we've never really seen before, even with his real son Joey.

But let's not ponder too many theories. Let's let Boone share her thoughts instead.

The gorgeous actress stopped by the Yahoo TV offices in New York City for a little chat, and we pressed her to give us a little scoop on some of the hit Fox show's upcoming twists and turns.

Mandy keeps surprising us — what really motivates her?

I think she is motivated by her love for Joe. She never had a father and she was miserable in Arkansas, and he came and gave her all this attention she never got. … I think everything she does is pretty much out of her love for him and the need to hold on to that relationship. … Like the butting heads with Emma [Valorie Curry], both of us are kind of staking our territory, like, "This is my Joe."

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Is Mandy just looking for love from anyone, or is it specifically Joe?

In general, she's looking for love and a place to belong, but her love for Joe goes above even all of that. Her loyalty to him would trap her in anything.

How is she going to cope now that her little love interest has been killed?

That is really going to put her on guard, because a lot of people she likes are dying. The folks from the International House of Psycho — she liked those people! … I think it makes her scared of the cult. She starts to question her place with Joe and Emma because now they're making all these decisions and she's not in on it. … She's very worried about where she stands in the cult and where she stands with Joe, and if Emma is going to push her out.

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How long will we see Mandy in the red uniform?

Maybe for the rest of the season. We'll see.

Is Mandy a born killer?

I think that's something that's about to be tackled in the next few episodes. You're going to find out soon enough.

Can you give us two truths and a lie about things that are still going to happen this season?

* One of the twins is going to die.
* There's going to be an animal sacrifice.
* Mandy is going to betray Joe.

"The Following" airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on Fox.