The Emoji State of 'Mindy Project': Breaking Up Is Hard to Do, but Flirting Is Easy

Caroline Kepnes
Fall TV

Dr. L (Mindy Kaling) is not in a great place. She's devastated to be single — noodles for one do not meet the minimum for delivery! — and she is drinking alone and staring so hard at photo-booth pictures of her and Casey (Anders Holm) that the pictures are talking to her. She's begrudgingly going to work, bitter about not having "heartache days." And yet, you know the second she starts trading quips with cute, fast-talking lawyer Cliff Gilbert (Glenn Howerton of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"), we know that she's going to be OK ... eventually.

Yep, Hurricane Mindy is in full effect, so buckle up and get ready to zigzag all over the emotional spectrum.


Level 5: Watch out! Tornado? Sharknado? Mind-ado!

Level 4: Danger! Yes, that's hail out there

Level 3: Thunder sounds worse than it is (knock on wood)

Level 2: Cloudy with 50-50 chance of drama

Level 1: Smooth sailing. Happy, healthy, and totally well-adjusted!

Mopey Mindy is going to work in clothes that are less than office appropriate and wearing high tops called "Fat Steps." She trips on a package for a lawyer named Cliff Gilbert and lets out her rage on the box. At least she's not tearing into a human being, right?

The only thing is, tampering with mail is illegal, and it's especially illegal when you bring the box you opened to the lawyer, who is supercute and thinks the doctor is kind of off her rocker, given her postal rage and her rank attire.

After learning that seven of Morgan's girlfriends have become engaged after breaking up with him, Mindy makes the connection between this real-life fact and the fictional movie "Good Luck Chuck." She screams, "Use your magic on me!" She lunges at Morgan. Cut to commercial as he screams. Not in the good way.

Mindy is crying in a pizza box, having been rejected by Morgan. Alas, crying is the one thing Morgan can't stand, so he agrees to use his magic on her. Uh-oh.

Spontaneously sleeping with a "white male nurse" who showed up at your apartment with sour cream because the store had no ice cream (ha!) is a bad idea. So Mindy is wise to put the brakes on when she discovers Morgan in her bed, buck-naked with lots of candles lit. But...

She ruined her clean getaway by semi-laughing and shrieking when she saw a part of him she'd never seen before. Laughing at a naked man is always dangerous, especially when he's a nurse and he's naked. You'd think a doctor would know that.

Morgan goes to attorney Gilbert. They call in Mindy — joined by Danny (Chris Messina) and Jeremy (Ed Weeks) — to discuss Morgan's sexual harassment lawsuit. Morgan wants $200,000 or ... a date. Mindy says no to the date. She'd rather pay.

Mindy listens to Danny and Jeremy (and that new guy) and agrees to go on a date.

During the date, she texts to avoid conversation. Mean girls don't get dessert ... and possibly have to pay $200,000.

Then again, Morgan's idea of conversation is telling a story about that time he went to Canada to meet a hooker and the hooker turned out to be a man and ... check please.

Morgan insists that a date is "dinner and..." Mindy has seen enough rom coms to know that he's right, so she accepts his invitation to the "and..." portion of the evening, which turns out to be visiting a quarry. (Hi "Garden State"!) Mindy yells that she doesn't want to be sad and throws the photo booth pictures that she's been staring at into the abyss. Moving on, truly.

The last scene shows that attorney Cutey — er, attorney Gilbert — is definitely into Mindy. We call this a Level 3 because he works in the same building and knows too much about sexual harassment lawsuits. Is dating in the office building a good idea for Dr. Looking-for-Dreamboat? Sound off below!

"The Mindy Project" airs Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. on Fox.