The 10 Greatest Moments in 'The Greatest Event in Television History'

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For those of you who didn't know, history was made Thursday night for the third time. Adam Scott's ("Parks and Recreation") "The Greatest Event in Television History" premiered and delivered on its promise. You can watch the full episode over on Adult Swim.

If you're afraid that this much history might explode your brain, we're happy to present you with this recap of the 10 most important moments in the most important show ever.

1. Humbleness

Acknowledging that perhaps the first two Greatest Events may not have lived up to the hype, they chose to re-title the show. Don't worry, it earned its title back.

2. Unconventional 

Catherine O'Hara ("Waiting for Guffman") was under the impression that like "Return With the Jedi," this show was actually a cover and they were filming the next Star Wars film.

3. Confessional

Scott reveals that he has difficulty sitting and that, in fact, when he sits on screen, he has a special chair to cover up that fact.

4. Groundbreaking

Director Jason Mantzoukas ("The League") brings a gun to work and boldly breaks the Chekhov rule about showing a gun at the beginning of the play and never using it.


5. Thrilling

You really don't understand how much work goes into little things like tumbling over a couch in Hollywood. Or you didn't until now.


6. Adversity

Scott is not the only one with prosthetics. If you've seen Jon Glaser ("Delocated") without his beard, he's  probably wearing his skin beard or "skeard." You can barely tell the difference.

7. Dedication

Scott didn't let his inability to sit get in the way of his art. The training montage was inspiring.


8. Metaphysical

The actor John Hamm ("Mad Men") , who died during the making of the first "Greatest Event in Television History" comes back as a ghost. A ghost!


9. Heartbreaking... er... Neckbreaking

Please do not look at the following GIF if you have a delicate stomach. This is the shot where Glaser broke his neck. Don't look, it's gruesome. Please don't. OK, but don't say we didn't warn you.


10. Hope

The greatest moment in "The Greatest Event in Television History" is that, not only have we been given the chance thrice to see TV history being made, come January, we'll be able to see it fourice.