The 'Walking Dead' Brain-Dead Move of the Week: We Need to Talk About Lizzie

Dave Nemetz
Yahoo TV

Every week on "The Walking Dead," someone does something stupid that needlessly endangers the lives of themselves and others. Here, we commemorate those decisions in the hopes that they won't be repeated. But of course, we know they will be.

Normally in this column, we call out a particularly dumb choice by a "Walking Dead" character. But this time, we're examining a larger arc of decisions centered on one character. Yes, of course, we're talking about that pint-size serial killer, Lizzie.

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We've all been waiting for this girl to snap for a while now. We knew back in the prison that she sympathized with the walkers, and even gave some of them names. We knew she almost suffocated baby Judith. We knew she was a little… off.

And this week, we got even further confirmation of Lizzie's mental issues. First, she took her sister Mika down to the train tracks to feed mice to a stuck zombie:

Look at her smiling! It's like she's playing with a puppy! Mika, when you see something like this, TELL A GROWN-UP. (Yes, a little late, we know.)

Then Carol saw Lizzie "playing" with a zombie in the backyard and when she stabbed it in the skull, Lizzie royally freaked out. Maybe that was a big hint that this girl isn't quite right in the head?

But Carol and Tyreese didn't get that hint soon enough: They had to come back from a deer hunt to find Lizzie covered in blood, standing over her sister's dead body, beaming like a lunatic.

So now we arrive at the Brain-Dead Move of the Week, and it's nothing Lizzie did: It goes to Carol and Tyreese, for not seeing all of this sooner.

Sure, they didn't witness as much Lizzie insanity as we did. But they saw enough! They knew Lizzie sympathizes with walkers and won't kill one. So why did they give her a gun and a knife? She's only going to turn and use those on a human.

And after Lizzie's "You killed her!" freak-out, they leave her alone (again) with a vulnerable younger sister and a BABY?!?

After Mika's death, Carol finally put it all together:

Uh, ya think?! Carol and Tyreese are just lucky they weren't the ones Lizzie took a knife to. Honestly, they should've just left that girl at the prison to hang out with all those walkers she loves so much. Harsh? The zombie apocalypse is harsh, man. If you want to survive, you can't be a Mika.

Runners-Up: And if survival is indeed the ultimate goal here, it's probably not the best idea to hand someone a loaded pistol and tell them you did in fact kill their girlfriend. Just saying… Also, when you know a child is mentally ill and she says to you ominously, "I know what I have to do now," you might want to ask her to clarify exactly what she means by that.

"The Walking Dead" airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.