The 'Walking Dead' Brain-Dead Move of the Week: Shut the Front Door!

Dave Nemetz
Yahoo TVMarch 10, 2014

Every week on "The Walking Dead," someone does something stupid that needlessly endangers the lives of themselves and others. Here, we commemorate those decisions in the hopes that they won't be repeated. But of course, we know they will be.

Daryl and Beth must be avid readers of this column, because a week after we took them to task for burning down a perfectly good shelter, they decided to set up camp in a seemingly abandoned funeral home. Progress!

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They fortified the place by boarding up the windows and setting up a zombie alarm system on the porch. So far, so good!

Secure in their new home, they were free to feast on pigs feet and diet cola to their heart's desire. Daryl even carried Beth over the threshold like an eager young groom:

But then Daryl got suckered into feeling comfortable by a mangy one-eyed dog. (We can't blame him. That dog was cute!)

So when he and Beth heard a rattle from their zombie alarm system, they assumed it was just that darn dog again. Daryl even took some pigs feet to lure the dog inside. Awww… Daryl and Beth are sharing a house, and getting a pet!

Daryl let his guard down so much, he went to the door and opened it — without even looking through the boards to make sure it was safe. What?! Who are you, and what have you done with the Daryl we know and love? Just a real rookie mistake from a guy we expect a lot more from.

Knock knock, who's there? Yeah, it's zombies, of course.

You can actually see the zombies through the slats! What the hell, Daryl?

You know the rest: Walkers stormed the place, Daryl barely escaped with his life, and Beth got abducted and thrown into a mysterious car that drove off into the night. Now we're not saying those two would have been safe in that house forever (the whole thing still smells like a set-up), but for God's sake, Daryl, get your head in the game. Before you lose it.

Runners-Up: Sasha's pigheaded insistence on not going to Terminus with Maggie and Bob, because — why, exactly? We still can't figure it out, except to manufacture some false dramatic tension to fill out this episode… Maggie picking the absolute worst place to lie down for a nap. There's a building right there! And cars with doors! Why are you lying on the ground next to dead walkers?

"The Walking Dead" airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.