The Thanks For Nothing Department


"Today": From the "thanks for nothing!" department: I guess after spending his Thanksgiving shooting a cameo for Ben Stiller's new movie, only to get left mostly on the cutting room floor, had Matt Lauer not really wanting to talk to this turkey! But as Ben explained, what Matt served up for the camera was more  gravy than meat. I guess it just didn't fit, any way they sliced it.

"Wake Up With Al": What the hail is with the guy who sent in the hail damage video? He must have really good insurance, and a lot of free time, because he really seemed to enjoy what was happening… even though it'll require some very extensive repairs!

"Regis and Kelly": Kelly asked Matthew Broderick what they give away when kids ring his doorbell on Halloween, and Matt's confused reaction may mean that all you little Ferris Buellers and Carrie Bradshaws who go trick-or-treating in NYC this year might wanna bring an extra roll of TP with you for the Broderick-Jessica-Parker House. Remember, guys: don't give away fun-size candy when you make movie-theatre-size salaries!

"Wendy Williams": Wow, I guess it was bash J-Lo day on the "Wendy" show! She really went after Jenny from the block! So much so, that I doubt she'll want to be a guest on Dub Dub's show any time soon! Well, Wendy seems to be doing just fine with random people from "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills", so I guess it's all good!

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