A Terrible Idea, but She Did It Anyway!


"Today": Anyone under 30 probably saw today's interview with guitarist Pete Townshend and was like, "Who are you?" And anyone over that age sitting next to them was probably like, "He's from The Who!" And then the younger person was probably all, "The Who?" and then the older one went, "The WHO!" And this probably went on for like another five solid minutes. I'll bet neither of them even noticed that Pete ended the interview by smashing Al Roker all over the stage!

"GMA": Sam Champion got engaged! I know we like to poke fun from time to time at old Sam-I-Am, but he is pretty great at his job (how else would I have found out that today is National Pierogi Day?)… and he's a pretty courageous soul, to boot. Sam's forecast was more than partly sunny, as he was beaming with happiness on the air today… deservedly so. Congratulations, Sam!

"Access Hollywood Live": Who knew that when Billy and Kit came out wearing boxing gloves and robes, that those things might have actually came in handy later in the show?! When they interviewed Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison, Billy was pretty hard on them, Doug especially! With all the shenanigans and tomfoolery, you sometimes forget that Billy can be a pretty hard-hitting interviewer! You go Billy!

"GDNY": Rosanna knew that getting on Dave's back to try and emulate the wife carrying championships was a terrible idea, but she did it anyway! And sure enough she found out the hard way that her and Dave would fair terribly in the wife carrying championships, the host carrying championships or any other type of carrying championships!

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