We’re Talking Free Money Here People!


"Today": So what was making that ostrich hit the highway, and turn into such a road-runner? Well you can't see it in the video, but right behind him, there's a wily coyote, with a giant stick of ACME dynamite! Suddenly I feel a whole lot better about my LA morning commute.

"Ellen": Giorgio is back! Everyone's favorite feel-good viral video singer, who first got famous by serenading his order-taker at the Sonic Drive-Thru, took his talents to a strip mall to salute and sing about our everyday unsung heroes: at the nail salon, the library (shhh...) even a bowling alley! He made me see the disinfecting shoe sprayer guy in a whole new light. That man protects us all!

"Wake Up with Al": The best thing that's ever happened to daytime TV is this show's Friday dance party, and today they found a way to make it even better! It's the first time they've had alcohol involved so you know it was a good time. And while it appears they went to commercial because they ran out of time, I'm going to believe it was because the party simply got too wild for TV! That's what I'm talking about!

"Wendy Williams": I chose the wrong time to visit Wendy's show a couple months ago, because I'm totally missing out on getting in that money booth! And I would have some serious strategy to maximize my money grabbing potential like putting something sticky on my hands or having extra pockets on my clothes to stuff more money into. I would even secretly use my feet to stuff money into my shoes and socks when nobody was looking! We're talking free money here people, you gotta do what you gotta do!

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