This Talking Beagle PSA is Funny and Not at All Scary

The Set

There have been a lot of serious Public Service Announcements lately—Darren Aronofsky's horrifying anti-Meth ones come to mind, though watch them at your own risk if you're already planning to never do meth, and while Matt Damon's World Toilet Day ads are clearly heroic, there's nothing fun about, um, diarrhea. But you know what is fun? A talking (well, with his mind) beagle who can't find the logic in his owner's toy-hiding schemes, for the Shelter Pet Project. (And totally unconfirmed, but is that comedian Pete Holmes doing the dog's voice? It sounds exactly like him to me!)

So take a break from hard (but necessary!) PSAs and sit back and enjoy a funny little dog. [Via Bobby Finger.]