'Survivor' Sneak Peek: Will Ciera Vote Off Her Own Mother? [Video]

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'Survivor' Sneak Peek: Will Ciera Vote Off Her Own Mother? [Video]

The twist on this season of "Survivor" has pitted loved ones against each other, and as the game hurtles toward the finish, those relationships are causing a lot of drama.

When Laura returned from Redemption Island, daughter Ciera was torn between relief and annoyance. Ciera had clawed her way to a position of power after being a target during the days of Tadhana's Bro-lliance.

Now, her mom's presence threatens to undo her careful plotting. In this exclusive sneak peek clip from tonight's new episode, mother and daughter are strategizing during a tete-a-tete on the beach. Laura tries to come up with scenarios in which she could be part of the final three, but Ciera bluntly tells Laura that she's not going to make it to the end.

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"I think I have a better shot of winning than you would," Ciera tells her mom.

The choice Ciera will eventually have to make weighs heavily on her. In her confessional, she is tearful. "I don't want to have to vote my mom out," she says.

But the time will come.

"Survivor: Blood vs. Water" airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on CBS.