'Survivor' Play-by-Play: First Blindside, First Quitter, First Injury

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Without fail, you can always count on these three things happening on a season of "Survivor": someone getting blindsided, someone trying to quit, and someone getting injured.

It's just a matter of when, how, and whom. On this week's episode of "Blood vs. Water," all three coincide — and all three are surprises.

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Let's find out what happened on to the play-by-play:

0:01: At Galang, Tyson has a cupcake belt. Seriously, a belt with a CUPCAKE on it. Can we get the name of that store, please? "Who wants to take a lick?" he says to everybody's delight. Well, except Colton, who's still being a sourpuss. "Nobody wants to talk about strategy," he whines. Sigh … Colton. Don't you realize this is totally ruining your chances of winning the game? Well, apparently, he does, but chooses not to change his behavior.

0:03: Both tribes troop to Redemption Island to watch the duel. Tyson is upset that Tadhana voted out Rachel, but doesn't switch with her — which throws the whole "vote out the strong person's loved one" strategy out the door. Both Tyson and Marissa choose to yell at Brad, as well they should.

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0:06: Oh, gawd. Colton is crying. Again. He doesn't want to be there. He "can't do this." Jeff Probst asks if he wants to quit. The first time, he pretended to have appendicitis, and didn't. Colton just pouts more. What?! You came back a second time to wuss out AGAIN?!

0:11: Colton claims he's tired of being "the hated person." Well, gee, there's a solution to that — stop being a whiny, uh, witch. Tina calls him out and says he's just annoyed because they aren't playing the game his way and he can't win.

Colton rushes over to hug Caleb, then tells a thoroughly disapproving Probst he's definitely quitting. And without another word, Colton leaves. Wow! Why did he come back only to quit a few days in?

Caleb reacts to Colton leaving:

0:13: Alright, back to the business at hand. The duel involves stacking domino-like blocks, then triggering them to break a tile. Candice (who we will now call The Machine) sets hers up first. The dominoes work, and she wins.

0:17: Marissa and Rachel have some trouble with their dominoes, but eventually give it another go. Marissa's line works; Rachel doesn't. So, Rachel is out. She hugs Tyson, throws her buff into the fire, and leaves.

As the winner, Candice gets another clue to the hidden immunity idol and gives it to John.

0:24: Back at Tadhana, Brad is fretting. Getting called out at Redemption Island has made him realize that he's seen as the leader of the pack, and being the acknowledged leader of an alliance is never a good thing.

Meanwhile, John continues to look for the Immunity Idol, but despite having two clues, he isn't having any luck. Seriously, guy? Seriously?!

0:31: Immunity/Reward Challenge time! The challenge is sumo-style wrestling on a platform out in the water. The reward is comfort items — tarp, pillows, blankets, hammock etc. Galang has to sit out Monica to even out the numbers.

0:32: First battle is between Brad and Gervase, which the former wins easily. Tadhana leads 1-0.

But then, Laura (Rupert's wife) goes against Katie, and evens it up. It's 1-1.

0:33: John wrestles against Aras. John wins, and Tadhana goes up again, 2-1.

Still, once again, a woman for Galang (Kat) ties up the score when she defeats Ciera. 2-2.

0:34: Hayden beats Tyson, and not only that, injures Tyson in the process. His shoulder "sort of" pops out. Maybe. Not a good sign. Tadhana leads 3-2.

Tyson sees a doctor:

Again, the score is tied when Tina destroys her daughter, Katie. 3-3.

0:36: Brotherly love? Um, not quite. Aras and Vytas go head-to-head in a brutal match, in which the latter takes a cheap shot. Still, Aras manages to win. Galang goes up 4-3.

It's mother and daughter again, this time Laura vs. Ciera. Both are crying, yet Laura still manages to shove her little girl into the water. Galang wins!


0:44: At Tadhana's camp, it's scrambling time! The Bro-lliance holds a meeting, in which they decide to vote out Ciera.

But wait — Brad is starting to wonder about John and his Immunity Idol. He's thinking about the future. "That's when the lightbulb went bing!" he says, while we LOL. It is true, though that if Candice is able to re-enter the game, John's loyalty would be to her and not to the Bro-lliance. And that is not acceptable to Brad.

0:48: The other four guys recruit Katie and Ciera to vote for John, which they are more than happy to do. But unbeknownst to Brad, they also talk about throwing some votes to him in case John does play an Idol. "Whatever happens, it's going to be a big blindside," Hayden says.

0:50: At tribal council, Probst once again asks about the divide between the men and women. Vytas has the nerve to say "it's all about trust." No, dude, the men are picking on the women and that is the truth.

Brad mentions that he's become a target since he's seen as "the kingpin" of their group. John acknowledges he's also a target due to his Idol clues.

0:52: Everyone votes. Probst reads out the tally: It's one vote Ciera, four votes John. The game's first official (for real) blindside is taking place.

As Probst notes, they're starting to vote with the future in mind. If only Colton were on this tribe — he would be loving this!

Colton and Rachel reflect on their time on "Survivor":


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