Surprising 'Scandal' Reunion: Olivia Comes Face to Face With a Ghost

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After last week's shocking revelation that Olivia's mom was still alive, we wondered how long it would for the daughter to find out.

As it happens, not long.

The gladiators are still chasing down info on Maya's plane, as Quinn desperately tries to hide the evidence that she killed a key witness. Meanwhile, Rowan/Eli decides to move Maya out of the country, worried now that Olivia is starting to ask questions.

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But it seems the daughter takes after her mother. Maya manages to escape and confronts her Olivia on the street.

"Hi, Livy," she says softly from the shadows.

Olivia turns and sees someone she should never have seen again.

Something tells us this reunion won't be a totally happy one.

What a Jam

"It's complicated" just isn't going to cut it for Olivia and Fitz's relationship. No, these two are far beyond mere arguments or obstacles. They're in uncharted relationship territory here. We shall hereby dub it "It's just a big jar of jam."

After their brutal exchange of words last week, Fitz desperately wants to talk to Liv, but she's not having it.

But while Liv may scream and yell and break the Fitz-phone, she can't help but be drawn to the president. (He is the most powerful man in the world.) When he flies her via helicopter to a house in Vermont, at first Olivia gives him just "one hour" to plead his case. And wow, does he. Fitz has always been a very good talker, we'll give him that.

So when Fitz reveals that he built this house for them to share, for them to raise a family in, for her to make jam in — well, of course Olivia melts. What woman wouldn't?

And being Olitz, they fall back into each other's arms and have passionate sex. Because they are Olivia and Fitz. They're magnetically drawn to each other, and no matter what seems to stand in their way, eventually they collide once again.

For Pope's sake, he's married, she rigged an election, he murdered a Supreme Court justice, she is the daughter of the world's most dangerous man, and he shot down the plane with her mother on board. If none of that can break them up for good, nothing can.

Karma Bites

Meanwhile, Fitz and Olivia aren't the only ones having hot sex. James gets some action, too — but not from husband Cyrus.

Unfortunately, Cy learns the age-old lesson: You reap what you sow. He engineers an interview between James and the VP's husband, Daniel Douglas, to catch the latter in the act of hitting on James. Cy wants to use that dirt on Sally to get her to drop her plan of running as an independent in the election. Mellie tries to warn him about playing with fire, but Cyrus is confident and secure in his husband's love.

But James is far too crafty not to realize what his husband is up to, and decides to get a little vengeance by bedding the Veep's husband. And their liaison is caught by Cy's planted photographer, and the Chief of Staff weeps as he realizes just what he's done.

Robin in Trouble

Quinn is in a bit of a pickle, to put it lightly. She's now in the clutches of Charlie and B-613, and makes the really bad decision not to confess all to Olivia and Huck. It doesn't help that she still seems smitten with Charlie and that he kind of likes her back in his weird Charlie way.

Worst of all, the gladiators are trying to track down the security guard's killer (aka Quinn), and we all know how good the team is at their jobs. Quinn does her best to hide the footage, and in the end, it seems like Huck isn't able to come up with a clear image of the killer.

Except he did. When Quinn returns home, thinking she's safe and sound, Huck is there waiting for her with the proof.

The Next Watergate

The gladiators have another problem on their hands: Someone broke into Josie Marcus's campaign headquarters and took some important material. Her sister/daughter/campaign manager, Candice, blames the opponent, Gov. Reston, but Olivia cautions her to wait for an investigation.

Candice, though, jumps the gun and calls out Reston in the press. Then, Quinn manages to track down a missing laptop to his campaign office, which seems a clear indication that he and his staff did it. Abby lobbies David to prosecute Reston, though he wants to wait, too.

But hold up — David discovers that the laptop was wiped clean, which means that it was planted. By Candice. Olivia counsels Josie that she needs to fire her daughter to repair her image.

When Josie gives the press conference, though, she takes the blame for the incident herself. She refuses to throw Candice under the bus. Good mothering, bad politicking. Josie quits the race and returns home to Montana.

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