Here’s a Supercut of the Best Meta TV References on ‘Community’

The Set

Last night's episode of "Community" was fantastic all around, and you should watch it, especially if you're one of the new viewers who watched the unfortunately-timed last episode and couldn't find an entry point. This one had entry points galore (what is more gettable than "Batman"?) It also had an entire plot that was meta-commentary on sitcom clichés, so today the Hulu show "The Morning After" has a pretty good supercut of the show's past TV references. They haven't totally mastered the supercut over at Hulu yet (Um, please do not play the show's theme music over the entire thing? What?) but it's still a very entertaining reminder of what "Community" does best: comment on television and itself. And at the very least, after watching this, you'll understand the popular Twitter hashtag #sixseasonsandamovie :