A Super-Funny Catchy Parody Of A Song!


"CBS This Morning": The editor of Billboard magazine was on today, and he called Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" the most popular song of the year, and the official "Song of the Summer". Huh! Now wouldn't it be great if someone wrote a super-funny, equally catchy parody of a song that famous? And wouldn't it just make your day if you watched a side-splitting music video of that hilarious song parody?? Why, you're in luck then! There's one today on Yahoo! SketchY… starring ME! You can find it on our Facebook page! SHARE!

"Today": Hey, did Giuliana Rancic just say she's gonna be stuck in London on Olympic reporting duty during the same month that her surrogate mom is due to deliver her baby? Wow. Cuttin' it kinda close there, aren't we? Well, here's hoping that baby stays put until Labor Day (hint, hint), so Giuliana doesn't have to try to medal in the 9,584,960 yard dash from London to LA!

"Bethenny" Right before Bethenny got "surprised" by her note, she gave everyone in her audience free tickets to "Magic Mike", worth like $14 and for some reason everyone went crazy as if they were getting free cars from Oprah. Don't tell Oprah that she wasted all that money on cars and trips, girls just want tickets to see male strippers.

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