A Summer With Daniel Matsunaga

Style Factor

Some of us wonder how celebrities are like during their off-duty moments. This summer, we got to talk to hunk model and actor Daniel Matsunaga on how he spends his days at the beach.

“I am a morning person depending on the night before,” Daniel says with a laugh. But he admits that he likes waking up early in the morning. On an ordinary day at the beach, as soon as he wakes up, the 24-year-old Brapanese goes for a run and hits the gym. “Even in Boracay, I go to the gym,” he says. He also likes to have his breakfast by the beach and spends his afternoons swimming and playing football. Daniel proves to be a good boy when happy hour arrives. “I don’t really drink. Happy hours for me are just really to be happy—with water or soft drinks,” he says.

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Daniel Matsunaga is a light packer. All he needs for his beach trips are tank tops, board shorts, boat shoes, flip-flops, a cap, and sunglasses. “Phone, wallet. Dapat may pera,” he jokingly adds.

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His summer playlist includes Bruno Mars and Hillsong. “Hillsong kase God is everything to me. He is everything in my life,” he says. “The only reason I am here in the Philippines is because of Him. He has done everything for me and my family, even yung career ko is because of Him,” he reflects. “Si Bruno Mars naman kase minsan diba stress ako sa work or wala akong tulog so he makes me feel better and more relaxed. I love to listen to him sa beach kahit by myself kase chill lang,” he explains.

Photo from NPPA Images.