'Suits' Stars Tease Big Changes for Last Six Episodes of Season 3

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"Suits" is back (Thursday, March 6 at 9 p.m. on USA), and with only six more episodes to wrap up this rollercoaster of a season, it's full speed ahead for the lawyers (and non-lawyers) of Pearson Specter.

Yahoo TV sat down with "Suits" stars Patrick J. Adams, Meghan Markle, Gina Torres, Sarah Rafferty, and Rick Hoffman to hear all about the latest shake-ups at the firm and how Pearson Specter will recover — if they can recover at all. New dynamics, relationships being taken to the next level, darker twists, and a new path for one of the gang all spell major changes coming soon.

They also dished about Hoffman's big cliffhanger moment — when Louis failed to find Mike Ross's (Adams) Harvard files — and how they're all working together to make sure the secret stays under wraps. Otherwise Louis Litt, the firm's most loyal soldier, could be the one to bring it all crashing down. Keep reading for more…

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We left off with the firm very much in flux. Where do we pick back up, and what is the mood in the office?
Gina Torres: We've kicked the Brits to the curb — they're gone, and we are back in control. Jessica has forgiven Harvey… until he pisses her off again, which will happen because he can't help himself. It mirrors last season a little bit: How do we rebuild? The name on the door has changed again — how do we get people to respect us, and how do we get strong again? And Jessica… God bless her, this is her baby, this is her family. She's this strong woman and she's got everything under control, but frankly, just under the surface, she's worried. She's concerned.

Serious logistical question: Can Rachel handle a full course load at Columbia and still work and juggle her relationship with Mike?
Meghan Markle: I certainly asked Aaron [Korsh, the creator] that same question! I like my job security. [Laughs.] Aaron said very simply that Rachel will be working in the day and doing night school. That's what people do. What it'll do is open up an entire can of worms with their relationship, because right now Mike and Rachel are in a bubble. They have the firm and they have their home. And now, in any partnership, if you introduce a whole new environment to someone and you see what surfaces. She'll have new friends, new enemies, and new suitors… so we'll see what happens, but I anticipate it'll be complicated as it always is.

Things are getting darker for Mike in this first episode back. We get a lot more of his backstory about his parents dying and that terrible lawyer.
Patrick J. Adams: Yeah, for me if there's a journey of the whole show, there's just a process of maturation with him, and him coming into his own and figuring out who he is and what he wants to be. Working with this lawyer and coming to understand where he's coming from is Mike releasing and forgiving and not holding onto that stuff that happened. He understands that he's got to move past it. And in these last six episodes, there's a lot of that. What happens with Louis scares the living sh-- out of him and he realizes that this is such an untenable situation and it's going to fall apart at any minute. He's realizing that it would not just destroy his life, but it could destroy the life of the people who have fought for him — people he loves.

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So does he have a plan?
Adams: I think he's just trying to figure out how he's going to possibly get through this. And there's a glass ceiling there, that we talk about a lot in these last six episodes — he can't even rise to power here. Even if he does succeed, there's only so far he can go. He's going to kind of be kept in the broom closet at Pearson Specter and never be allowed to do anything. So that's the struggle for him, figuring out how to make his peace, how to save all these people, and how to stay off the scent of Louis. Because everybody knows that once Louis knows what's going on, one way or the other, we're toast.

Sarah Rafferty: Donna has to employ all her mad skills to try to get Louis off the scent.

Rick Hoffman: As far as Mike's safety, there really couldn't be a more perfect person for Louis to go to first because Donna is his soft spot. It helps their cause. It doesn't help his cause, but…

Meanwhile Rachel is getting a lot tougher!
Markle: On a personal level, I was so happy to get more layers to play in Season 3 and to revisit that Rachel we met at the very beginning of the entire series. She was business savvy and ambitious and focused on her work and not on some guy — she couldn't give Mike the time of day! And then it was like, "Who is this girl? She's so sappy. She's so weak." But Aaron raised a good point – he was like, "Meghan, you don't have to like Rachel every day. She's a real person. You're always gonna love her, even when you're like 'Why is she crying again today?' but in the grand scheme of things, she'll come back to who she is." So now I'm so happy that I feel like Rachel is getting her sea legs back. Suddenly she's found her footing, she knows the power she now has in knowing his secret, and you really get to see her explore things in a new way. She gets over the weepiness and the puppy love, and she's back to being Rachel Zane — not Robert Zane's  daughter, but Rachel Zane.

She's also really going toe-to-toe with Jessica, which I just love.
Markle: We've had more scenes in the back six episodes than we've had the entire series — if you like that, you'll really love these episodes. At one point Rachel doesn't even knock on Jessica's door — she just walks right in.

Torres: And Jessica's going "What?!" [Laughs.] What's so beautiful about it is the writers don't shortchange this relationship — Jessica really genuinely loves all these people, so there's always just this little sort of glimmer of "Look at what you just did! I don't think I like it, but look at what you just did!" [Laughs.] Just as a woman, Jessica is letting Rachel have that space to grow. She's got to earn her right, but Jessica will give her that space.

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Mike's big secret could affect everyone. How does Jessica justify keeping him around?
Torres: As many times as she's threatened Mike with telling the truth, she likes him. She's really grown to love him and appreciate him and respect him — and need him — and that's what makes Jessica smart. It's like, how do we make this work? Because we do all need each other. So for her, it's not just keeping all the balls in the air, but continually making everyone aware of their value, not just as lawyers but as human beings. Her humanity is more at play.

And the one person whose humanity is always in question is Louis, who is the only person who just cannot know the secret.
Hoffman: One of his few things is loyalty, loyalty to the firm. Loyalty is his moral center. If he starts to dig deeper, it's a lose-lose really.

Rafferty: He has to make a choice though, between the firm and loyalty to people.

Adams: But his loyalty is always to the firm, no matter what.

Hoffman: Right. And based on something that happens in the first two episodes… well, you'll see.
Adams: But even if Jessica did something totally wrong, you would cut her out to save the firm, right?

Hoffman: Most definitely. This is not comparing this show to one of the best shows ever, but "Breaking Bad"… in a smaller way as a comparison, as far as sticking to who you are, Hank — doesn't matter if it's his brother-in-law, if something illegal is done, he's going down.

So you're saying you're the Hank Schrader?
[Everyone laughs.]

"Suits" airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on USA.