Steve’s Jokes Bombed Big Time!


"Ellen": If Steve Harvey and Ellen had a daytime TV talk show host cage match, who would win? Steve is obviously way bigger physically, but Ellen has been doing this talks show thing way longer! Actually, I don't really care who would win, I just want to see them both side-by-side wearing matching unitards! They don't even need a cage for that to happen!

"Ricki Lake": It's tricky to Rick' a rhyme, to Rick' a rhyme, it's Ricki! I LOVE when Ricki brings on musical guests and everyone gets up and dances! But I hope everyone was careful dancing on stage after The Apple Sisters sang and drank "Pink Wine"… that stuff can be slippery!

"Good Day LA": In honor of David Letterman and Jimmy Fallon doing their shows with no studio audience last night, the gang at "Good Day" decided to add a laugh track to their show just to keep things balanced. And I don't know if the sound guy really hates Steve, or if he's just really unfunny, but even with a laugh track Steve's jokes bombed big time!

"The Jeremy Kyle Show": I don't know how arguments always end up backstage on these kinds of shows, but it's a good thing they keep those areas clean and equipped with cameras! If my show ever found it's way behind the scenes you guys would all see what slobs I work with. Somehow these guys manage to mess up my makeup and wardrobe areas when I'm not looking, because I swear it's not me who's messing that stuff up!

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