Steve Buscemi’s ‘SNL’ Appearance, According to the ‘SNL’ Sketch Predictor

The Set

I've been to the future and brought back this sketch-by-sketch rundown of tomorrow's episode of "Saturday Night Live." Or is it just a series of very educated guesses? Read our "SNL" Sketch Predictor and judge for yourself.

11:29 PM Barney Frank (Fred Armisen) addresses the camera to explain his reasons for retiring from Congress.

11:34 PM Monologue: Host Steve Buscemi is interrupted by his famously erratic "Boardwalk Empire" co-star ... Michael Shannon (Bill Hader).

11:39 PM Commercial parody: Lt. John Pike of UC Davis (Bobby Moynihan) runs through unconventional circumstances for which he recommends pepper spray — for instance, to secure a great deal at a Wal-Mart Black Friday sale.

11:42 PM Brian Williams (Jason Sudeikis) attempts to anchor the "NBC Nightly News" through interruptions including a fire alarm, sprinklers, an earthquake, and several drunken tour group members wandering into the studio.

11:49 PM Buscemi (as himself) attends a "Big Lebowski" fan convention.

11:59 PM Digital Short: Andy Samberg offers proof that Steve Buscemi is immortal.

12:04 AM Two A-Holes (Sudeikis and Kristen Wiig) go out to a karaoke bar.

12:11 AM [The Black Keys perform.]

12:18 AM Weekend Update features Kenan Thompson imploring Herman Cain not to drop out of the Republican Presidential race, so that Thompson can keep playing him; Karine Vanasse (Abby Elliott) telling the real story behind her tweet about "Pan Am" getting cancelled; and Anthony Crispino (Moynihan) offering up the second-hand news.

12:35 AM A meeting of university sports directors, trying to head off future sex scandals.

12:43 AM [The Black Keys perform.]

12:52 AM Buscemi (as himself) guests on an Italian talk show hosted by Vinnie Vedecci (Hader).

12:58 AM Commercial parody: Other cynical game shows in the spirit of "You Deserve It."

1:01 AM Goodnight!

--Tara Ariano


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