Stereotypical animals


Today”: On the show today they had video of a kangaroo being chased around an airport in Australia, and video of a polar bear being aggressive in the Arctic. If only they had video of panda bear being cute in China, they would have completed the tri-fecta of the stereotypical animals spotted in their homeland video series!

Ellen”: "Real Husband of Hollywood" Kevin Hart told Ellen all about the body part he won't show anyone… his feet! After tweeting a picture of himself, enjoying a relaxing day poolside on a warm tropical island, with his sneakers on, he came clean, saying "I have ugly feet! I'm not kidding! My toenails look like sunflower seeds."Wow. Kev, I would find that SO funny… if I wasn't eating sunflower seeds when I watched you say that. So, instead, eww! Also, does anyone want 3/4 of a bag of sunflower seeds? Barely used!

The Talk”: Yahoo!'s very own Michael Yo of “The Yo Show” was on to promote another show he's on beginning today, the new "OMG! Insider"! So lets see, he's got a show on Yahoo!, appearances on "Chelsea Lately" and now "OMG! Insider"! I guess you could say he's the hardest working man in Yo business!

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