Stephen Colbert Uses Quantum Physics to Prove His Ice Cream is Better Than Jimmy Fallon’s

The Set

Last night, Stephen Colbert used science to prove his Ben & Jerry's ice cream, "Americone Dream," was better (or at least more futuristic) than the ice cream of his sworn "enemy for six months" Jimmy Fallon's "Late Night Snack." By enlisting a physicist to levitate a carton of "Dream" on a quantum levitator.

The segment began, cleverly, with Stephen mourning the bankruptcy of Dippin' Dots ("At last, we had fulfilled our dream of a dessert that looks like Care Bear scat"), before revealing its true mission: to answer Jimmy Fallon's November 2nd challenge to fans to send in evidence of themselves "Doing things to Stephen Colbert's disgusting ice cream besides eating it."

If you saw that Fallon segment and were wondering why Stephen hadn't said anything about it, well, now we know it takes exactly 8 days to find a physicist to come onto a late night TV show with a quantum levitator to help escalate a fake (but nicely amusing/distracting) feud between two late night comedians in order to, let's be honest, sell even more ice cream. Here's the Herman Cain break we desperately needed this week, complete with plenty of sh*t talk:

And then, for good measure, Stephen used the good night tag to feed "Americone Dream" to Jimmy Fallon's headshot:

I'm sure this isn't over. Your turn, Jimmy.