Speed Date With 'Betrayal' Star Hannah Ware

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You may know her as Kelsey Grammer's daughter on "Boss," but on ABC's new Sunday night drama "Betrayal," it's all about Hannah Ware as a wife. Sara, who is unhappy with her husband, begins an affair with lawyer Jack (Stuart Townsend), who's got marriage issues of his own. Then Jack and Sara's husband end up on opposite sides of a murder case and ... well, it gets incredibly complicated.

Here, we give viewers the chance to get to know the actress better by peppering her with questions in rapid-fire, speed dating style, to see how many she can answer in five minutes. And ... go!

1. Where did you grow up? London.

2. Are you close to your family? Very.

3. When did you realize you wanted to become an actress? When I was 25.

4. What was the first movie you ever saw? "101 Dalmatians."

5. What was the last movie you saw? "Only God Forgives."

6. Do you have pets? No.

7. What's the longest relationship you've been in? Seven-year relationship.

8. Do you want kids? Yes.

9. Have you ever had a roommate from hell? Yes.

10. What's your biggest pet peeve? Meanness.

11. What did you do last Friday night? I stayed in and watched television.

12. What do you never leave home without? Perfume.

13. Who's your best friend? Joyce.

14. What food can't you stand? Pesto.

15. Do have any allergies? No.

16. Do you go out to eat alone? Yes.

17. Do you go to movies alone? All the time.

18. When was the last time you looked up an ex on Facebook? Pass...

19. What are your acting superstitions? I do have some, but they're very personal, so pass.

20. Who is your dream co-star? Christoph Waltz.

21. Do you play sports? No.

22. Have you ever seen a ghost? No.

23. Have you ever voted in a reality TV competition? Absolutely not.

24. How many countries have you visited? Countless.

25. Do you speak any other languages? French and Spanish.

26. What's your favorite holiday? Summer holiday.

27. What's your sign? Sagittarius.

28. Are you a typical example of that sign? I think everyone's a typical example of their sign.

29. What are your deal breakers? Pass.

30. Did you have a nickname as a child? Yes, but it's too embarrassing.

31. What do you wear around the house? Nothing (laughs).

32. Who should pay on the first date? It depends. [But] I'm quite easy about that.

Watch a preview of "Betrayal":

"Betrayal" premieres Sunday, Sept. 29 at 10 p.m. on ABC.