Someone on ‘Survivor’ Soiled His or Her Pants During a Challenge

The Set

I think I know why we don't often see or read interviews with people who work behind the scenes at reality shows. It's not because knowing how the shows are produced would make us realize they are fake and therefore render us unable to enjoy them any longer. It's because if we had access to the people who know ALL the dirt, we would stop caring about the people on camera and their fashion lines or tattoos or ghostwritten novels. FOR EXAMPLE: An anonymous camera operator who's worked on such reality shows as "The Amazing Race," "The Apprentice," and (most germanely) "Survivor" volunteered for an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit, in the course of which he or she offered up some decent gossip about the production on "Survivor," like the debauchery that goes on at the crew's camp and how camera operators sometimes just pretend to be filming when they aren't. But by far the greatest revelation is that a contestant in an unidentified season lost control of his or her bowels during a challenge. But that's not all: "a quick dip in the ocean is all the fresehning [sic] up they got. had to wear the same s--- stained salt water rinsed shorts for another couple of weeks as well!!" I hope he or she at least went on to win the million dollars, then. GUESSES?! [Reality Blurred]