Somebody Give The Guy A Sponge Bath!


"Live! with Kelly": Wow, Heidi Klum was almost unrecognizable as a teenaged brunette... she was one beauty mark short of a Cindy Crawford. I honestly had no Klum it was her!

"GMA": Maybe I'm still wiping the sleepies out of my eyes, but I could swear that Jimmy Kimmel just announced the Primetime Emmy nominations while wearing his jammies on national television. He said they were from the "Husky Boys Collection". Pffft, just like Jimmy - always over-dressing. The invitation clearly said black Snuggie!

"Today": Larry King talked about missing his old talk show and returning to TV with a new talk show. And you know, it's been a bit since old Lar' Dog left the airwaves, but he still looks the same! Like, EXACTLY the same! Has he even changed out of his blue shirt and suspenders since he signed off? Seriously, somebody give the guy a sponge bath!

"Bethenny": Beth Behrs stars on the hit show "Two Broke Girls" but when she joined Bethenny on the couch, it was more like two rich girls! And I don't know if it's ironic that they were playing pretty much the cheapest instrument you can buy, but I do know it was awesome because kazoos rule!

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