'SNL's' Taran Killam Answers Your Twitter Questions

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Taran Killam is quite possibly a superhero. He performs crazy-funny sketches as a cast member of "Saturday Night Live" ("Boy Dance Party," anyone?), writes comic books ("The Illegitimates" just came out), and found the time to discuss answers to many probing questions — such as the "SNL" sketch that got him noticed — on our Twitter chat, @YahooComedy.

Killam dished on his breakout "SNL" sketch: Not surprisingly, "Merryville Brothers" has made its creepy, comical mark.

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He may be a rising star, but he doesn't forget his first performance ever on the show. Adorable. @emilylarsen1 asked what he remembers from that episode. 

And the characters that are his faves to perform run the gamut, from scary-funny to actually kind of scary:

From the topic of favorite characters, Killam went on to reveal … his favorite hairpiece.

When the funny guy isn't dreaming up comic looks, he's reading comic books — or creating them. @MadeleineMae3 asked about his favorite comic book hero.

But there's no contest when it comes to who else he'd want to perform with. @RainbowEyes013 wanted to know about his dream host. Hard to argue with his answer. @nbcsnl: Hint, hint.

"Saturday Night Live" airs Saturdays at 11:30 p.m. on NBC.