‘SNL’ Recap: Ben Stiller Strikes a Pose as Zoolander

Ben Stiller returned to his sketch-comedy roots on this week's "SNL" (Dana Edelson/NBC)
Ben Stiller returned to his sketch-comedy roots on this week's "SNL" (Dana Edelson/NBC)

Zoolander showed up to talk nightclubs before Kenny G busted out a sax solo that everyone seemed to enjoy on "Saturday Night Live" last night.

Don't worry. You're not a time traveler. It's still 2011. We can't explain the Kenny G part, but Ben Stiller just reprised his esteemed fashionable idiot in the funniest way possible for the first time in a decade.

Zoolander joined Weekend Update City Correspondent Stefon (played by a bedazzled Bill Hader) to give some Columbus Day weekend tourism tips. Even though Zoolander wants to make it clear he doesn't sponsor "tourism," he was able to help out Stefon and Seth Meyers before they cracked up too much.

Speaking of well-dressed people in positions of power, "SNL" handed Mitt Romney a free campaign slogan in its cold open: "He's a nice man in a clean suit that wants to be president. Where are your manners?"

That gem is delivered by Chris Christie (played by Bobby Moynihan) telling the fawning press corps to get as invested in Romney as they are in the New Jersey governor. When media doesn't oblige, he throws them a bone while Romney isn't listening.

"Look, I'm gonna run in 2016," the parodied governor says. "Let's just say I've got to make a couple of things go away first."

And then, hey, Kenny G showed up. Yep, really. Kenny inexplicably played a sax solo on Foster the People's performance of "Houdini." No, this wasn't some weird sketch. But it was secretly good. It wasn't "really, really ridiculously good," of course, but who can top a Zoolander reprisal anyway?

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