Snackin’ With Sarah Sellers: ‘Idol’ Top 7 Redux Results Nosh

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Diehard "American Idol" viewers will remember Sarah Sellers as the geek-chic food blogger who made it to Hollywood Week last year. (Watch her Season 10 audition here.) Sarah has since continued her food-blogging, and has been cooking up scrumptious snack suggestions for any "Idol" viewing party and posting them here in Reality Rocks each week. She was also my special guest on a special South By Southwest version of "The Day After" in Austin last month, which you can watch HERE!

So last night, the top seven Idols returned to the stage to sing two songs apiece, in accordance with this week's "Then & Now" theme. So what was the inspiration for Sarah's viewing-party recipe for tonight's results show? "I went with the something old and new," she says. "Ceviche has been around forever, but I thought I would add a different spin to it with the flaky filo shells." Dig in.

Citrus Ceviche in Mini Filo Shells
30 shells


▪     1/2 lb, bay scallops, quartered
▪     1/2 lb. peeled and de-veined shrimp, chopped
▪     1/2 cup orange juice
▪     4 limes, juiced
▪     2 lemons, juiced
▪     2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
▪     1 Serrano pepper, diced
▪     1 shallot, diced
▪     2 tbsp red bell pepper, diced
▪     1 tsp cumin
▪     1 tsp kosher salt
▪     1 tsp cracked black pepper
▪     1/4 cup cilantro, rough chop (save some for garnishing)
▪     1/2 cup chopped roma tomatoes
▪     1 large avocado, small dice
▪     30 mini filo shells

Place the scallops and shrimp at the bottom of a non-reactive container (such as a large glass bowl). In a medium bowl, combine the orange juice and next nine ingredients, through the pepper, and whisk until well-combined. Cover and marinate in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours. The seafood will turn more opaque and firm.

Using a slotted spoon, move the seafood to a clean bowl. Set the liquid to the side and add as you go if needed.

Fold in the cilantro, tomatoes, and avocado. Adjust seasoning accordingly. Place a spoonful of the mixture into the filo shells and sprinkle with some cilantro.

Use the leftover ceviche over some shredded romaine lettuce or by itself.

Bon appétit!

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